Monday, February 27, 2012

Tanks for the Memories

A wierd and wonderful story at this link shows a number of tank graveyards throughout the world.

Now, I'm an old army guy (and an old wargamer) and I appreciate a working tank as one of the most awe-inspiring (and terrifying) pieces of equipment on Earth.

And yet these old elephant's graveyards for tanks do not inspire either sadness nor regret.

We forget just how better off we are over twenty five years ago--where thermonuclear war and vast armored offensives against Western Europe were still a possibility. Yes, we have troubles (grenade throwing mobs over destroyed Korans, et al) but nothing we face today is anything on the order of as dangerous as it was in the mid 1980s, before the tore down that wall. And the carapaces of these old monsters symbolize the harm they can no longer do.

As for the tanks in this display: may they rust in peace. Amen.

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