Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Sheep and the Sheep Dogs: A Parable

There once was a flock of sheep.

The flock wandered from place to place, eating grass, drinking from streams, and growing in numbers.

The flock was protected; for it had a Shepherd. And the Shepherd did his job well, with the help of his three Sheep Dogs.

But the flock was unhappy.

The flock was forever kept together by the Sheep Dogs, who were nasty, and nipped at their tails. They barked. They were mean. They were loud. They were scary. And the Shepherd was cold, distant, and aloof.

One night, the flock gathered together in the warm spring air, and talked about the Sheep Dogs, who always barked at them, the Sheep Dogs, who were nasty, and the Sheep Dogs, which nipped at their tails. They talked about how the Sheep Dogs barked. They talked about how mean they were, how loud they were, and how scary they were. And they talked about the Shepherd, and how cold, distant and aloof he was.

And they talked about the Sheep Dogs.

Finally one of the sheep spoke up. His name was Baaartholomew, and he was a young ram.

"Iiiii saaaaay," he said, "we should get riiiid of the Sheep Dogs. And the Sheeeepherd. If they were gone, we can do what we waaaaaant."

All the sheep agreed that it would be a good thing to be able to do what they wanted.

"Buuut whaaat do we dooooo?" asked one of the other sheep.

"I knoooow," Baaartholomew replied. "I haaaave an ideeeeea."

The next night, Baaartholomew brought out an old lion skin he had found hanging from a laundry rope nearby. While the Shepherd slept, and the Sheep Dogs slept, they snuck up on them, with two sheep wearing the lion skin. Nearby, some more sheep did their very best to imitate the roar of a lion as the two sheep in lion skin approached the tent where the Shepherd lay with his Sheep Dogs.

The Shepherd (who was not very bright) thought he was being attacked by a lion, so he ran away. And since he ran away, the three Sheep Dogs ran with him.

"Hoooooraaaaaaaaay!" said the sheep. And they pranced and danced in the meadow and looked forward to their happy new life, where they could do what they wanted.

But one sheep was missing during that celebration.

* * *

"Iiiiit worrrrrrked," Baartholomew said.

The Chief Wolf and the other wolves all nodded their heads.

"Good," the Chief Wolf said.

"Noooow rememmmmmber," Baaartholomew said, "I geeeet imuuuuunity. Riiiight?"

The Chief Wolf smiled.

"Of course," he said, licking his chops.


© 2012 Richard L. Kent, Esq. All rights reserved.

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