Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Here we go again.....

My nameless site pest sent me a comment on the Greg's thread below that consisted of a long single paragraph--about the US Citizen Kosovar Muslim arrested yesterday in Florida on terrorism charges.

(I didn't reprint it because it's an AP story under copyright.) (Besides, I'm certain he'll respond to this post by barfing all over the comments section of THIS post.)

Hokay. It was a sting. He was a Muslim. He wanted to blow up a lot of helpless people. He was a swine, and got caught before he could do anything.

Let him be tried. And if guilty, let him go to prison for as long as the law allows.


It should be noted that other Muslims turned him in. Well done, guys.

Now, Site Pest, will you please refrain from engaging in any further onanistic fantasies about Muslims going to prison or worse? It's unbecoming. Besides, the casualty ratio between Srebrenica and Muslim terrorism in the United States still remains at, oh, about 3:1, so kindly don't lecture us about how much of a threat Muslims are.

PS. The above Fox News story referred to has his arrest documents which can be downloadable with a click. The name of the file is, I kid you not, "091101.pdf". Nice.

ADDENDUM 1/10/2011:

Right on cue.

haha you are a jihadist and your pockets of dirty jihad money is your soul being handed over to the devil. you just keep repeating srebrenica like a good muslim parrot... my friend your agenda has been exposed...bosnian muslims and kosovo muslims are just that muslims that no matter how much they try and pretend they are moderate - have you read the Koran read it buddy. you're terrorism is finding its end...and the 500 years of islamic slavery over the Christian Serb has been broken. Serbia is free and you are on the losing side, just like hitler was and his best friends in the balkans bosniak handzar and albanian skandenberg and croatian ustasha. these are your heroes . YOU LOSE.

Why don't you take a flying fork at a rolling doughnut? Seriesly.

PS. If my pockets were full of dirty jihad money I'd be living a hell of a lot better than I do.

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