Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Alan Colmes And The Mockery of Human Grief

First, congratulations to Senator Santorum, who led the pack of Not-Romneys to an unexpected second-place win in Iowa yesterday. (For the record, the outcome was Romney 30,000 and Not-Romney was 92,000. There is hope.) My man Newt didn't do so well, but that's the way things go--and at least RonPaul! was not #2.

But. Today's post is not really about Iowa at all.

Watch this.

Think about its implications.

And tremble.

We have a president who openly supported the murder of newborn children.

We have a Senator who, with his family, mourned the death of their newborn by taking the child home so the family could grieve together briefly before burial--a cultural practice once considered perfectly human and understandable.

Who gets mocked? And who lauded?

When President Kennedy was at his son Patrick's funeral two months before his own assassination, he grasped his son's coffin and had to be pried away by Cardinal Cushing. (Manchester, The Glory and the Dream, p. 987.) That is remembered with touching sadness.

But when another Catholic politician grieves with their child at home?

He is "Crazy" because they "played with" their "dead baby" "for a couple of hours"?

Christ. help. us.

PS Senator Santorum and his wife accepted Mr. Colmes' apology wholeheartedly.... at least in public. Most parents of deceased children would have replied with far less class.

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