Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Obama Declares Earth To Be Flat, Water is Dry....

...and capitalism doesn't work.

I'm speechless.

What universe does this man live in?


4Justice at sez:

"I have a degree in economics as well as a master's in finance. I also know history. That said, Obama is certifiably insane or a complete manipulator. All the great economists agree and know that true free-market capitalism is the greatest and most beneficial system there is. They acknowledge that under any system there is always going to be inequalities...there will always be rich and there will always be poor. However, only in a free market economy can anyone change their station in life...for better or worse on their own merit. And even though there are rich and poor, a healthy free market allows everyone to prosper and enjoy a higher standard of living than any other system, so that even the poorest of the poor can live like a king in comparison to those who are supposedly well-off under other systems. It is more desirable to be very poor in free market capitalism than to be "well-off under other systems (like socialism). Under socialism, there is no opportunity to improve your lot in life."

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