Tuesday, December 6, 2011

He is the .0000000333333333%

Donald Trump, the filthiest (and I mean filthiest) rich man in America....

threatened to run for President just to screw the Republicans.


Just what we need. Another idiot businessman with delusions of grandeur interfering with the primary process... just this time with even more money and even less shame and common sense than Cain (and that's saying something). Per National Review:
We had hoped that after the brief and frivolous publicity stunt Trump branded as exploration of a presidential run, there would be no further occasion to rehearse the many ways in which his sometime association with the Republican party hurts the conservative cause. So we’ll keep it brief: Trump is a tax-hike-supporting, missile-defense-opposing, universal-health-care-advocating, eminent-domain abusing, Schumer-Weiner-Rangel-Reid-donating, long-time-pro-choice economic protectionist who in 2008 called George W. Bush “evil” and lauded president-elect Barack Obama as a potentially “great president” who would “lead by consensus.”

The Trump debate is a sideshow, and those who would be the Republican nominee for the presidency of the United States are, one and all, better than it.


He's a guy I want for President.


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