Sunday, December 25, 2011

December 25, 1991 - Remembering A Miracle

"CCCP HET" - my 1992 Virginia vanity license plate

Today we celebrate the birth of Christ, born of a virgin, lived a life without sin, lynched by a mob with the help of an evil empire, and rose again from the Dead on the third day.

Today, too, we celebrate, too, the death of an evil empire, and the resurrection of the peoples it crushed and oppressed, some twenty years ago.

December 25, 1991, the Soviet flag came down from the Kremlin and was replaced by the flag of Russia, indicating that Soviet Socialism was destroyed and that freedom had been restored to more than 250 million people.

But remember, in the end: Today we celebrate the birth of Christ.

Christ is born! Glorify him!

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