Friday, December 2, 2011

Angel Adams, Mother of Fifteen, In The Crosshairs

Short version: the above woman has 15 children by 3 men, none of whom she ever married. 10 of the 15 are by the same man. He helps out by "buying shoes & stuff." Another is in prison for drug dealing.

The kids were on the street with no home after being evicted. Eventually she was jailed and the kids taken away from her.

This woman, Angel Adams, is certainly out of control.

But why have we suddenly decided to beat up on her?

I'm as crazed right wing a conservative as one could ask, and I'm astonished at some of the reactions to this story I've encountered on line.

One poster, "Mutant Geezer" on, on seeing the picture of the 12 children living at home, actually said this: "The whole bunch of them should be used as organ donors."

Another, "tnorling", opined that "Is it still economically advantageous for breeders (I almost misspelled that "bedders") such as this to produce multiple spawn? Could she simply be making a sound economic decision given current government policy and her situation?"

I beg your pardon?

Organ donors? Spawn?

These are children we're talking about. Not frakking animals. Not unpersons to be disassembled as if they were twins in Dr. Mengele's lab.

Thomas Lifton at American Thinker is a little better, but not much. He criticizes her arrogance in demanding that "Someone needs to take responsibility for allllll these kids." He says that "No civilization can survive an attitude like this becoming widespread. Watch the video yourself and weep for our future."

Well, Mr. Lifton, I greatly admire your web site and think well of you. But this woman is hardly a sign of the future. She's the far left hand of the social bellcurve and looking to her as a belweather of the future is hardly applicable.

I ask this:

What is better? For her to give birth to children for whom she has no means to care for?

Or for her to waltz off to the neighborhood abortuary and "get rid of them" quiet like, like a good middle class American would do?

I don't like what this woman is doing, and her children need to be taken away from her and cared for by people who know what they're doing. Yes, it's a burden on society. Tough. This is what society exists for: to care for the weak and those incapable of caring for themselves. This is why we have a Church and the social services that it provides; this is why we have state social services. DHS wastes resources prodigously, but this is why we have them. Time to act.

Let me say this: while she may be giving birth without discrimination, the not-quite-unspoken attitude of so many I'm encountering over this story is that she and her children have no right to exist at all. They're "useless eaters."

Well, we all know where that mind set leads. No thank you.

Full disclosure: I'm #8 of 9 kids. My parents never fell to this woman's level, but I had the great good fortune of having the best parents of their generation. These kids don't have that luck.

And: Megafamilies are not evil.

As for Angel and her children? What to do? Welllll... it's clear we have a mess here. Let's clean it up. Get those kids in decent foster care, and take any future children this woman has away from her. It's clear she can't cope.

But: let's clean this mess up without muttering things like "organ donors," 'k? I'm sure those who say such a thing would never say so if she was, ahem, paler.

ADDENDUM 12/3/2011 0700:

I've seen several new comments on both and calling for her to be forcibly sterilized, or paid to be sterilized.

To which I say:

Not in this country. Not under our Constitution.

Not on my watch.

ADDENDUM 12/7/2011:

A friend passed me the following: "We are not some casual and meaningless product of evolution. Each of us is the result of a thought of God. Each of us is willed, each of us is loved, each of us is necessary." --Pope Benedict XVI Amen to that.

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