Friday, October 28, 2011

Terror in Bosnia: Not Brought To You By Bosniacs

Well, it's only a matter of time before the Exterminate-All-Muslims crowd starts to ululate over today's terrorist shooting in Bosnia. Per Reuters:
A gunman fired on the United States embassy in Bosnia Friday in a 30-minute assault blamed by state television on a radical Islamist from neighboring Serbia.

The gunman was wounded by a police sniper during the attack in Sarajevo's busy downtown, in which a police officer was seriously wounded and shop workers scrambled for cover.

Bosnian television identified the man, bearded and carrying a Kalashnikov assault rifle, as 23-year-old Mevlid Jasarevic, a Serbian citizen from the mainly Muslim town of Novi Pazar.

It said he had been visiting a community of hardline Islamists in northern Bosnia. A Reuters photograph of the gunman showed a tall man with a brown coat and a long beard.

I don't know from Novi Pazar, but I do know the American embassy in Bosnia quite well; I was there for several meetings (including the day where my picture on this blog was taken). I also think I know the village in question, the town is "Bocinja Donja", in the former American sector to the north of Sarajevo.

If he was a "Serbian citizen", he is likely a "Sanjak" (Serbian Muslim related to the Bosniacs; oddly enough, the Serbs in Serbia didn't harass the Sanjaks, saving their fury for the ones in Bosnia).

Well, I'm going to have to issue the usual disclaimer here: to wit: "Don't blame Bosnian Muslims for the act of a single madman." This guy is one in a million.... and not in a good way.

Of course, those most like to do so also celebrate the act of another Serbian madman that murdered the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife in 1914. The Serbs actually had the gall to name the bridge where the assassination occurred 'Prinzip Bridge'--kind of like naming the Book Depository Building in Dallas after its most infamous employee. (The name was changed back in 1994.)

And before some swine starts talking about how I'm a "Muzzie Sympathizer" or "Quisling" or some such (as I expect is inevitable), I can relate that a significant part of my job in Bosnia was encouraging North African settlers in the Islamist village of "Bocinja Donja" to get the hell out of Dodge and go home. We were aware even in 2000-2001 that the islamists there were bad news.

Fortunately, their attempt to Islamize Bosnia went nowhere. The Bosnian Muslims have a saying: "Dates don't grow here, but plum trees do." That is, date palms don't survive the wet European climate, but fruit trees, used to make the highly alcoholic slivovitz and rakia (same stuff) surely do.

This is a metaphor for the underlying truth: fanatical Islam of the Wahabbist - Salafist variety common in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere is alien to Bosnian Muslims, who like their rakia and their freedom.

Bosnian Muslims generally haven't seen the inside of a mosque in 3 generations, tend to drink like fish, are perfectly OK eating pork, and their gals dress, er, very European-ly. (You can get a general take on a particular Bosniac gal's devotion to Islam as being in inverse proportion to the depth of her neckline.)

My guess is that this particular terror-punk either is a Serbian fanatic who hasn't forgiven us for the loss of the war to the US in 1995 and 2001, OR he's a Sanjak (described above) who hung out with Bocinja Donja types.

Anyway, it's just a matter of time before my Dedicated Site Pest or his budz show up to leave a mess on my blog. I reply: to those who are coming over here to diss me for "helping terrorists," well, here's my response.


Wasn't Bocinja Donja. Per the Washington Post, it was Gornja Maoca ("Gornya Maotsa") which IIRC is in what used to be the French sector in the south of the region we protected.

Still: the vast, vast majority of Bosniacs want nothing to do with these people, and so HAVE nothing to do with them.


  1. hahahaha you are trying so hard - how does it feel to have been supporting jihadists all along?

    Ask him if he is not a Bosniak? All muslims from bosnia or serbia that are not albanians call themselves bosniaks?

    And he lived in Bosnia for years just like the 10,000's of others from saudi arabia, iran and pakistan that were cutting of Christian Serb women and childrens heads throughout the 90's..

    Tell me something, are you sad that your brother bosniaks are being exposed for what they are - jihadists and Islamic absolutists?

    Tell me do you know that there was 124 torture and death camps for Christian Serbs in Sarajevo alone during the 90's of which there was over 12,000 registered innocent people including women. Thousands were never heard of again..

    Between your jihadist bosnians and your organ stealing Albanians that kill American officers you need to really pump some jihad money into your PR campaign -

    Jason Romine
    NY and UK

  2. and oh yes your somewhat psychotic view of Gavrilo Princip who fought a oppressive empire that were taking Christian Serbian peasants on their own land, as foreign occupiers, killing and enslaving Christians Serbs on their own land, and you call him a maniac???

    DO YOU KNOW WHAT it means to fight for freedom? DO you think the Princip should've let the Austrian/Hungarians continue to rape, murder and kill his people?

    Would you let a foreign leader come to your beloved Michigan take your mother and your family as slaves, rape them, kill them and then would you celebrate their leader?

    Haha man you really need some medication - who let you have a blog anyway. You should move to mecca.

    Jason R.

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  5. haha another defeat.. you are used to it.

  6. thank Allah for 9/11.

    every time american blood is spilt following the words 'Allahu Akbar' is a gift from Allah for your stupidity.

    burn in hell dhimmi.


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