Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sarah Palin votes no.

Three and a half years ago--six months before anybody in politics had ever heard of Sarah Palin--I had her picked as our VP nominee.

No jive.

The above Email--I still have it in my possession--has been modified only by my removal of the email addresses of those to whom I sent it. I will be happy however to transmit a paper copy of the original to anyone who asks. It reads as follows:

There are many reasons why people can't stand her. Her voice. Her hair. Her refusal to kill her child.

And there's a lot of speculation as to why she said no.

I think the reason is simple: she wants to live and her children to grow up. Given what's happened--including an arson attack on a church identified as hers--I can't blame her for bowing out.

But. damn.

So. No Snow White: we are stuck with one of the Seven Dwarves. But which is which? Your call.

Doc - Gingrich
Grumpy - Bachmann
Happy - Cain
Sleepy - Perry
Bashful - Ronpaul
Sneezy - Huntsman
Dopey - Romney

As Kurt Vonnegut would say:

Heigh-ho. :0/

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