Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Nature is much more clever than we had imagined"

It sez here that recent cosmological research has found huge quantities of highly complex "organic" hydrocarbons in the Crab Nebula cloud. Specifically there seem to be hydrocarbons of such complexity that they resemble coal or petroleum(!).
Such chemical complexity was thought to arise only from living organisms, but the results of the new study show that these organic compounds can be created in space even when no life forms are present. In fact, such complex organics could be produced naturally by stars, and at an extremely rapid pace.

"What impressed me most is that complex organics are easily formed by stars, they are everywhere in our own galaxy and in other galaxies," Kwok told in an email interview. "Nature is much more clever than we had imagined."

Oh, really?

'Nature' is 'much more clever'?

Are we attributing personality aspects ('cleverness') to an impersonal force ('nature')?

Or are we trying to admit that maybe there is a God but we don't want to say out loud?


"Genesis allowed is not! Is planet forbidden!" - Charles Johnson

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