Sunday, October 23, 2011

Eminiar, Vendicar..... and Earth

Detroit near French Road... showing areas currently owned and occupied by the aborted.

An AP article claims that things have gotten less violent over the last couple of centuries.... a LOT less violent. In an article entitled "Bombings, beheadings? Stats show a peaceful world" 'researchers' make the astonishing claim that 'historically, we've never had it this peaceful.'

Oh, really?

In his new book, "The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined," [Harvard psychologist Steven] Pinker makes the case that a smarter, more educated world is becoming more peaceful in several statistically significant ways. His findings are based on peer-reviewed studies published by other academics using examinations of graveyards, surveys and historical records:

— The number of people killed in battle — calculated per 100,000 population — has dropped by 1,000-fold over the centuries as civilizations evolved. Before there were organized countries, battles killed on average more than 500 out of every 100,000 people. In 19th century France, it was 70. In the 20th century with two world wars and a few genocides, it was 60. Now battlefield deaths are down to three-tenths of a person per 100,000.
Very nice. Except that it fails to take into account the organized mass slaughter/genocide of the unborn worldwide. In the United States we have murdered 50 million children since 1973; these missing are the cause of our illegal immigration "problem." China has murdered 450 million since instituting the One Child policy (13 million/year since 1978), and the sexual imbalance 117 boys:100 girls guarantees civil war in a generation. Russia has had so many that the population has even shrunk 2% every year for decades; this is why they have recently banned abortion after the third month. Europe's abortion policy is one reason why its central cities are becoming more and more Islamic--the Muslims move there to take the place of Euros unborn. India uses it to murder girl babies. And don't get me started on what it is doing to Japan.

No, the human race is not very nice, nor has it improved. We've simply set things up so that the slaughter does not appear on television.

Welcome to Eminiar. Or is it Vendicar?


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