Friday, September 30, 2011

Revolution 21 Hits The Spot

My good friend The Mighty Favog often pisses me off.

He and I share a love of 70s music and culture and we both find ourselves out of sorts in the 2010s, the world having shifted beneath our feet.


He has a tendency to call for simplistic solutions to political problems, often involving shooting the politicians, all of them. (Sorry, dude, they tried that. Doesn't work.)

His analysis often shows his roots as a radio DJ, and he never met a Republican he didn't didn't like.

But just when I'm ready to throw him over, he goes and writes something like this, an obituary for the former Archbishop of New Orleans, Phillip Hannan, who was one of the Catholic Church's finest--the man who gave the funeral eulogy for both JFK and RFK, and saw New O through thirty years of wrenching change.

In the early part of the ritual, Aymond and the others jointly confessed their sins in prayer, and as part of the rite, Aymond said he granted Hannan absolution from his sins in the name of Jesus.

Though weak and perhaps not entirely alert, Aymond said Hannan whispered a response.

They are what so far are his last recorded words:

He said: “Sounds good to me.”

God bless and rest the Archbishop. And go over to Revolution 21 and check it out.


  1. You haven't gotten over that Swamp People joke, have you? ;-)

    For the record, any actual shooting of politicians I might seriously advocate would be limited to Silly String. For silly people.

    For Michele Bachmann and Eric Cantor, I might -- might -- advocate escalating to gum balls (from the gum tree, not the gum machine) and a kid's cheapo slingshot.

    And finally, again for the record, I like my Republican wife very, very much. I love her, even.

    Then again, she's not thinking much of Republicans herself these days and keeps threatening to register as an independent, no matter the degree of disenfranchisement that entails in the Great State of Nebraska.

  2. Noted. Glad we're still buds. There's a lot of your stuff I don't agree with, but you at least have.... style. RLK.


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