Sunday, August 21, 2011

Who for President?

A blogger called Mr. Conservative posted a poll on the current Presidential field based on the presence of Rick Perry, Texas governor, who was not involved in last week's Ames straw poll in Iowa. The results read:

Michele Bachmann 2044 15.35%
Ron Paul 2675 20.09%
Rick Perry 5436 40.82%
Rick Santorum 627 4.71%
Herman Cain 1382 10.38%
Mitt Romney 791 5.94%
Newt Gingrich 234 1.76%
Jon Huntsman 44 0.33%
Thad McCotter 83 0.62%

Total 13316 100% (rounding errors may apply)

So. Of these, who's my pick?

Well, any of them would be better than the current resident of the White House, but that's not saying much.


I'll tell you who my pick isn't.

It's not Bachmann, McCotter, Huntsman, or (((shudder))) Ron Paul. All are Representatives and no MC has won the nomination AND the Presidency in over 130 years. (I think the last one was Grover Cleveland, but I could be mistaken.) Nobody is experienced enough in the bunch. Also: Bachmann is a Sarah Palin standin, and as for the Ron Paul Reizanution, the less said, the better.

It's not Newt Gingrich. His hour passed four years ago. (Actually it passed when he helped Clinton off the adultery hook in '98.)

It's not Mitt Romney. It's not merely 'Romneycare', although that is an albatross around his neck. It's just that I don't think a Mormon can be elected President. I'm not anti-Mormon; I just think no Mormon can be President any more than a practicing, actual* Catholic can be President, the gays and the abortionists will not tolerate it and 'something' would happen to prevent it. (JFK was a fluke not likely to be repeated in our lifetime.)

Herman Cain? Interesting as a lightning rod, i.e., loudmouth, but it is not possible for a non-politician to be elected a President, unless he's a victorious four star general. Let him get elected to office first as Senator. And while I wish him generally well, the only reason he's taken seriously in the field is that he's a black Republican. We need more black Republicans--but black Republicans in the field who are elected officials, not pizza venders.

Rick Santorum? Maybe if he were still Senator. He lost his slot and as such became a minor leaguer.

And Rick Perry?


He's a governor. Hence experience. Good enough as far as it goes. He's conservative enough for my taste, generally speaking. I'm not bothered about the so called death penalty charge ("Killer Perry") against him; as governor he has no power whatsoever to prevent death penalties from going forward, so he can't be blamed one way or another for that.

But he made a blunder last year–he made remarks that made him sound like he thought secession was possible, even desireable. And that is something that he needs to correct before I'll take him the least bit seriously.

That only leaves one, the Elephant in the Living Room, who is not in the poll above.

And more about her shortly [if I can get the time].

*by which I mean any Catholic who does not support abortion.

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