Thursday, August 4, 2011


Kirk, Spock and McCoy
Beam down with Ensign Redshirt
Who doesnt beam up?

It's the Enterprise
Mission to start war has failed!
Now must self destruct.

Captain James T. Kirk
Hasn't got none in a week
Watch him climb the walls

Green blood, liver moved
Mr Spock's bod fascinates
K/S writers.

Now Captain Picard
Leads another staff meeting
Wake me when it's done.

It's Wesley Crusher
Star Trek's most annoying nerd
Beam him into wall.

Captain Janeway leads
But please, can't I now become
Eight of Nine? Please? Please?

Uhura, Dax and
Seven of Nine are most hot.
Short skirts! Thank you much.

Mister Data's here
Getting us caffiene to drink.
No it's Mr. Coffee!

Dax is enviable
Cuz he found himself inside
LT Jazdia.

Captain Kirk they say
Is tough, but not as tough as
Admiral Adama.....

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