Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Squire of Gothos Has Decreed.....

I have to admit I've found the events of the last 24 hours to be rather entertaining.

First is finding that Charles Johnson of LGF--the Squire of Gothos--still remembers me after all these two and a half years--after all those other people he has defamed, trashed, slandered, libeled, banned, blocked, thrown off his site, and just plain said nasty shit about. I mean, what is it about me that EARRRRRRNED his WRAAAATH?

There are so many other targets for him to go after. Like Fjordman, for instance, the former LGF featured poster who inspired mass murder in Norway last week.

And yet he devotes excessive energy to trashing me out in spite of the fact that I have never once voluntarily posted anything to his blog under my own name. (I did blog there under a pseud, but the shithead publicly identified me years ago.) All I did, in fact, was question his decretals.

All I can ask is, what did I do to deserve the honor of all this attention?

Is it the fact that he's jealous that this blog has recently surpassed LGF in numbers of hits per day?

(Dream on, MacDuff.)

Is it the fact that my writing is so scintillatingly entertaining that he is, ahem, green with envy?

(Probably not.)

Or is it the fact that he, like the Devil, that prowde spyrite, cannot endure to be mocked?

(And BINGO was his name-oh!)

Anyway, I just wanted to thank Trelayne. Without his stupid and baseless defamation I would have not seen my blog traffic triple in the last 24 or so.

Thanks, dude. I owe you some bicycle lubricant.

(You should see to the other variety yourself.)

PS Salute and hats off to those intrepid individuals at the "Diary of Daedalus" blog for cluing me into what was going on at LGF. While I'm also not welcome there--blogmaster "Daedalus" (AKA Rodan) has reasons of his own not to be fond of me--not all that blog's posters are of the same, ahem, lack of caliber as Rodan. And them I salute. It's nice to have (some) support out there. Thanks, fellas.


  1. yea. it's too bad about diaryofdaedelus. if the site were all chen-zen and nil stooge, it would be awesome, but "daedelus" can also post whenever he wants. they say he's a denier of the serbian genocide, but honestly, that sounds like an overly elaborate theme for someone who is so often unable to write an intelligible sentence. if he did at some point argue that srebrenica wasn't that bad or justified, i'd honestly be prepared to believe that it was an accident that he couldn't back down from because "srebrenica" was the most intelligent-sounding word he had ever spelled correctly.

  2. Rodan's my favorite site pest. Sometimes he comes over here and leaves digital droppings. He'd be funny if he didn't actively advocate mass and violent genocide.

  3. I should mention though that the real reason that Rodan can't abide this blog is that I know from personal knowledge that the Srebrenica genocide occurred precisely as claimed--and I helped to bury its dead.

    Rodan would no doubt have preferred to do something else with the bones, excitable boy that he is.


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