Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy V-J Day. AKA "Peace Day."

William J. Kent, July 1943

Today is indeed "Peace Day" AKA "V-J Day", the day the combined armed might of the United States and the United Nations (the formal name of our alliance at the time) put an end to Japanese aggression in the Pacific and brought a final end to the horror of the Second World War.

Let us remember our parents and grandparents who gave their lives, blood and time to bring us 2/3 of a century of relative peace.

Thanks, Dad. Uncle Tom Kent. Uncle John Paul Kent. Uncle Bill Remski. Uncle Pat O'Brien. Uncle Pat Cassidy. And Uncle Jack Hammang, whose brother Daniel died for us on Guadalcanal.

And also: Judge Calvin Rock, Judge Harold M. Ryan, and William C. Butler, Esq.

All of whom are now gone, alas.

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