Thursday, July 21, 2011

Post-Soviet Awesomeness

In Sofia, Bulgaria, a sorry-ass little former Communist town, they host a big, ugly monument to those who forced their capital to become sorry-ass little former Communist towns, as many former Soviet satellites and nations are wont to do.

...that is, until guerilla graffitists got ahold of it.

THIS is proof we won the Cold War!

Superman, the Mask, Captain America, Santa Claus, Ronald McDonald.... superheroes who TRULY defeated the old system.

It is, however, my duty to report that they did eventually remove the paint from the monument. Alas.

Anyway, this also gives me an excuse to unearth one of my all time favorite Youtube vids, the Leningrad Cowboys' 1993 Helsinki concert....a video that proves that the thousands of Americans who died in Korea, Vietnam, and other anti-Communist brush wars between 1945 and 1992 did not die in vain.

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