Saturday, June 18, 2011

Robert Reich and MoveOn--A Lethal Combination

Robert Reich decides to tell us what is wrong with the economy.

It's an amazing performance, amazing in that Robert Reich can cram so much disinformation and bullshit into two minutes and fifteen seconds.

1 Average household income adjusted for inflation increased 25% between 1980 and present ($40K to $50K).

2. The reason WHY the economy doubled in size between 1980 and present is BECAUSE taxes were cut.

3. By saying that "the rich translated their wealth into political influence" means that Mr. Reich doesn't like the concept of certain individuals (the rich) exercising political power. Countries that tried the opposite didn't end well. See Union, Soviet; Korea, North; Europe, Eastern.

4. Had the tax levels Mr. Reich engages in fantasies about remained in place, the economy would NOT have doubled and public services would be even worse off than they are now.

5. Mr. Reich wants to take money that doesn't belong to him and use it to make sure his political buddies remain in power. That's why they're going to get crushed in the next election. Sorry.

6. Leftism doesn't work; and when leftists run the economy, workers don't work, either.

Finally, average household income doesn't sum up anything like the total increase in social wealth even the poor benefit from. Try making a cel phone call in 1980. Try using a personal computer, the Internet, or doing text research. Try surviving heart surgery in 1980 v. today, or diabetes, or cancer. No, Mr. Reich, the world we live in is a lot better off, and the only real massive losers are those who profit from state control. Like, oh, you. No thanks.

Next up: Obama explains why every but him is at fault for the Great Recession. Bleah.


  1. Actually, average income isn't fair because if the rich get a lot richer, the average goes up. Median income is really more a guage of whatis happening. Since 1070 to 2008 (prior to the most recent crash), disposable income for the middle class has gone up about 35% allowing for inflation. Even including the most recent recession, disposable income has gone up 5-10%. The best expansion of our economy and the middle class happened as a result of Reagan's policies!

  2. Shhhh! Don't talk like that! Someone may report you to the security organs!


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