Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ratko Mladic arrested!

This is wonderful news.

The barbarian war criminal Ratko Mladic, whose hate and brutality caused the murders of more than 5000 helpless prisoners and the butchery of 3000 fleeing, unarmed men at Srebrenica has finally, finally, been arrested in Serbia.

In July 1995, more than five thousand men in the mountain town of Srebrenica were captured, and then killed with their hands tied behind their backs and blindfolds on their heads. The rest died on the run, unarmed, attempting to flee a captivity that would have ended in precisely the same way.

And this is the man who, along with Radovan Karadzic, now on trial at the Hague, was primarily responsible for the massacre both through direct volition and through command responsibility.

This man gave the orders that led directly to the greatest act of genocide in Europe since the end of WWII and he gleefully presided over same with full knowledge of what he was doing.

He killed more than twice the number of people who died on 9/11. Bin Laden was a piker compared to this man.

His hatred and rigidity not only caused those crimes but even led to the suicide of his own daughter during the war. Her fiance' was drafted into the war in order to show that there were no favorites in the Serbian draft system. After he died in combat, Mladic's daughter committed suicide, using his ceremonial general's pistol.

If anybody seeks an example of what a REAL political assassin looks like, look no further.

God give him justice. In its purest form.


I offer and request you, the reader, to take an hour or so out of your life and watch the following TV documentary on the Srebrenica Massacre. It is entitled A Cry From The Grave, and it is in 11 parts.

I urge you to watch it and learn the truth of what happened at Srebrenica. Warning: Not Safe for Work and not for the squeamish.

Part 1 is below.

The other parts follow:
Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11


  1. Alexander Dorin: “Srebrenica Massacre” is a Western Myth

    May 23rd, 2009 In Bosnia, Bytes 'n Bits, Featured Articles

    Srebrenica — The History of Salon Racism

    “In the West, the popular mythology about 7,000-8,000 Muslim men being executed in Srebrenica in 1995 is still alive and well, but independent research shows some 2,000 Bosnian Muslim fighters were killed in battle for Srebrenica and that is the number of bodies Hague investigators were able to find”, said Swiss researcher Alexander Dorin, who has been investigating Srebrenica events for the past 14 years.

    In his latest book titled “Srebrenica — The History of Salon Racism” (Srebrenica — die Geschichte eines salonfahigen Rassismus) published this month in Berlin, Dorin focuses on manipulations with the number of Muslims who lost their lives in Srebrenica.

    “Regarding the events in Srebrenica in 1995, the media manipulations still reign in the West, claiming that after the town fell to Serbian hands some 7,000 to 8,000 of Muslim fighters and male civilians were killed. However, the researchers around the world have shown this bears no relation to the truth,” Dorin told Srna News Agency.

    According to data he had gathered, Dorin discovered that at least 2,000 Muslim fighters were killed in battle for Srebrenica. He added the facts are showing that neither civilian nor military leadership of Republic of Srpska (Serb Republic in Bosnia-Herzegovina) ever ordered execution of the Muslim fighters and POWs.

    “2,000 is approximately the number of bodies Hague investigators were able to find up to this day. To that number the Muslim side added several hundred Muslim fighters, most of whom came from abroad, who were killed in battle few years before the fall of Srebrenica, in Han Pijesak and Konjević Polje,” Dorin said, adding that this is evidenced even by the Muslim documents captured by the Bosnian Serb Army.

    Bosnian Serb Army Fought Against Orić’s Cutthroats, Not Against Muslim Civilians

    “Prior to the fall of Srebrenica, Naser Orić’s troops withdrew from this small town, leaving 25,000 civilians behind, although a certain number of civilians, some of whom were armed, was withdrawing together with Orić’s fighters,” Dorin said.

    He said that Bosnian Serb Army “did not kill a single Muslim civilian of those who remained in Srebrenica or Potocari, while it did engage Orić’s column, which was breaking through to Tuzla in several groups, in fierce fighting.”

    “There is no way the Serb Army could have captured seven or eight thousand Muslim fighters and male civilians and execute them somewhere, partly because that was technically impossible,” Dorin said. He explained that, among else, there was never enough Serb soldiers who could carry out a crime on such scale.

    In his research, Dorin was using various sources, including statements by the Muslim fighters and commanders, as well as testimonies given by Dutch UNPROFOR troops who were stationed in Srebrenica at the time.

  2. He pointed to a very interesting investigation carried out by the Bulgarian reporter and author Germinal Civikov, who wrote a book about the case of Croat Dražen Erdemović, former member of the Bosnian Serb Army, whose testimony represents the key Hague “evidence” of “Srebrenica massacre”, who claimed that his commander Milorad Pelemiš “ordered him and few other soldiers to execute some 1,000-1,200 Muslim POWs”.

    But the analysis of that case, said Dorin, proves Erdemović invented most, if not all of that story.

    Dorin explained that director of the Belgrade Center for Investigation of War Crimes Milivoje Ivanišević analyzed the lists of alleged Srebrenica victims. Ivanišević discovered that, a year after the fall of Srebrenica, some 3,000 Muslim men who were supposedly killed in 1995, were voting in the Bosnian Muslim elections.

    In addition, at least 1,000 of the alleged 1995 “Srebrenica massacre victims” have been dead long before or after Bosnian Serb Army took the town over.

    “It is perfectly clear that Muslim organizations listed as Srebrenica victims all the Muslim fighters who were killed in the fights after the fall of Srebrenica,” the Swiss researcher said.

    According to Dorin, some Western reporters wrote back in 1995 that part of Srebrenica Muslim population, after the town’s takeover, migrated to other countries. This includes an American journalist who wrote that around 800 Srebrenica Muslims went abroad — from Serbia.

    “It was not possible to conduct an in-depth investigation, since no one can search the entire world to pinpoint each and every name [from the lists of alleged Srebrenica victims]. Still, the available evidence already shows there were immense manipulations at play,” Dorin said.

    A number of photos of Muslim fighters taken during their breakthrough to Tuzla, which Dorin obtained from the Muslim sources, show Izetbegović’s fighters in uniforms, with many of them wounded.

    “On these photos one can see a number of wounded fighters who survived the battle against the Serb Army. Muslim side is now presenting its fighters who did not recover from their wounds as the victims of an execution”, said Dorin.

    He pointed out that some Muslims have admitted at least 2,000 of their Srebrenica-based fighters were killed in the battle.

  3. Dorin also reminded of the statements by the Muslim politicians given to media about an “offer” American president Bill Clinton made to Bosnian Muslim war leader Alija Izetbegović back in April 1993, to have “the Chetnik [Serb] forces enter Srebrenica and massacre 5,000 Muslims, which would result in the [US-led NATO] military intervention” against Bosnian Serbs.

    At the same time, Dutch UNPROFOR troops testified that Serb Army treated Muslim civilians in an entirely correct manner, while Srebrenica Muslim warlord Naser Orić with his fighters was massacring Serb civilians in the most monstrous fashion for years in Srebrenica municipality, and pillaging and destroying their property all the while.

    … For Those who Want to Know the Truth About Srebrenica

    Despite all the evidence about what really took place in Srebrenica and the fact there was no ‘massacre’, Dorin doubts the Hague verdicts in regards to Srebrenica events can be contested or overturned, being that this “so-called tribunal has convicted a number of people for the alleged Srebrenica massacre without any evidence whatsoever”.

    He cited a case of the Serb Vidoje Blagojević, convicted to a long prison term even though he had no connection to Srebrenica events, while “the mass murderer Naser Orić was acquitted of all responsibility for killing the Serbs”.

    “That court routinely discards everything that proves Serbs are not the monsters they have been made out to be. That tribunal has a purely political function. It has no relation to the justice and truth”, Dorin told Srna.

    The Swiss researcher does not expect his book about Srebrenica events will be able to break down the stereotypes. He said the book was written for those who wish to learn the truth about the events Western mainstream media sold as “Srebrenica massacre” and even “genocide”, in order to justify their war against the Serbs.

    Dorin added that mostly left-oriented Western newspapers and organizations have shown an interest in his latest book and have offered cooperation.

    Alexander Dorin’s book about Srebrenica events is expected to be translated both into Serbian and English language.

  4. Send his ass to the Hague, then make him Krstic's cellmate. Better yet, give him Krstic's former cellmates.

  5. Next up: Anonymous proves that only 80,000 Jews died in the Holocaust, and they all had it coming.

  6. haha you are the biggest coward on planet earth! you CAN'T RESPOND TO ONE SCIENTIFIC FACT.., these are FACTS studied by a SWISS researcher, where are the bodies? where are the names? you Islamist terrorist.

    the best thing that could've happened was to send mladic to the hague, he is safe from anyone killing him there and gets to a podium daily to tell the world about the Islamic evil that has been ongoing for 700 years against Christian Serbs.

    This is truely a GREAT day for Christianity and Justice, Mladic will destroy the Hague like Karadzic is doing now and like milosevic has already done and what was left but to kill milosevic.

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  9. Mladic will destroy the Hague like Karadzic >>>

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    "Dig a latrine and cover up after yourself, for the Lord thy God walks through Thy camp."

    Good advice. Take it.

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