Saturday, May 21, 2011

Letter from Rome, May 21, 2011

I got one of those endlessly forwarded internet Emails....from a "friend of a friend."


Boy, I wish I spoke more Italian. So I got an unexpected business stopover in Rome for two days, and I figured, great I'll check out the Vatican, etc. I checked into a nice little hotel right next to the Vatican, and took a nap before sight-seeing this afternoon.

At first I thought, "this is great." Must be some sort of holiday I didn't know about. No lines, no tickets needed. But no curators? No security? I always heard about how they even made sure you were dressed moderately. The art was fantastically beautiful, but I expected guides?

I wandered around for an hour or so, loving the art, but it just seemed too creepy to enjoy myself, just how desolately empty everything was. There's a few other people, but they seem as confused as I am. I got back to my hotel, and there's a few tourists about. Unfortunately, they don't speak English, either.

So does anyone know, is May 21 some sort of national holiday in Italy, or what? I couldn't find anything on Wikipedia.

Oh, wait, never mind. I think I see Cardinal Law. I'll go ask him....

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