Sunday, May 8, 2011

Blessed Mother's Day to All Moms....

present and past.

If I may engage in a bit of self indulgence:


  1. By displaying this girl in death you rape her again. Shame on you.

    Sorry for the intermission. Are you serious with this or just making fun of Obama?


    PS: I followed your request and removed this blog from my blogroll. Sorry that you asked me that.

  2. Dear Mats:

    I read that blog carefully and could identify no author. I didn't know it was you.

    But you have to know that I have standards. I appreciate what fans I have. But those pictures you ran of the girl in death were -- er -- very dark stuff. I can't be associated with it. I'm sorry but that's my decision.

    Peace to you.

  3. Well, I guess you are right. I have removed the pictures.

    Thanks for the advice..

    God bless.


Keep it clean for gene.