Thursday, May 26, 2011

Assassin Loughner Not Competent To Stand Trial

It's official. He was and is completely nuts.

During his hearing, two marshals forcibly removed Loughner from the courtroom after an outburst in which one reporter heard him say, "Thank you for the freak show. She died right in front of me," and "You're changing ..."


A 52-page evaluation by psychologist Christina Pietz and a 43-page evaluation by psychiatrist Matthew Carroll both concluded that Loughner isn't fit for trial because he cannot assist in his defense due to mental illness. Both evaluations were recorded, but they weren't shown in court.

Burns said he agreed with Carroll's evaluation that said Loughner is "clearly illogical and confused." The judge said Loughner wasn't masquerading a mental illness and noted that he had been acting bizarrely for the past two years.

The judge also said that Loughner doesn't like being labeled mentally ill. "He scoffs at the idea," Burns said.

In other words, connecting this man to the Tea Party, or to any other political movement, is a lie.

He was a nutbag with a gun, and there was absolutely no political meaning to the shootings whatsoever. And anybody who holds otherwise should be called out.

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