Monday, May 9, 2011

Andrew Bostom: Two Parts BS, One Part Hate

Crusader Rabbit Andrew Bostom does not fail to miss the point. Again.

The same guy who, just last week, cheerleaded (cheerlead?) Terry Jones has posted another paranoid rant, this time asking if the "Islamic prayers" read over Osama's body "cursed Jews and Christians."

As if the prayers for this evil man mattered one whit to God?

The only way any such curse, even if present, would have any effect is if God were truly on Osama's side, which I guarantee He ain't. Unless Bostom thinks He is on Osama's side?

Besides, if I know my bretheren in uniform, I have no doubt whatsoever that the 'relevant religious remarks' by the US Navy officer over Obama's body went something like this:

Chaplain: "'Durka durka durka durka.'"

Translator (in Arabic): "What he said."

Chaplain: "'Durka durka durka.'"

Translator: "Right."

Chaplain: "'Durka durka jihad.'"

Translator: "Whatever."

Chaplain: "Alley oop!"

Squad leader for attending sailors: "Alright, everyone, on three. One... TWO.... AND...." (Splash)

So what's next, Andrew? An essay assigning the Blood Libel to Muslims?


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