Monday, April 18, 2011

Time asks: What if There Is No Hell?


Then THIS is perfectly OK.

(The Srebrenica morgue at Tuzla, 2001, with the bodies of 4000 genocide victims then awaiting identification. 90% were subsequently identified prior to burial.)

I could go on... but I'm' sure I've made my point.

Without the possibility of divine judgment and banishment of the evil and unjust from the divine presence, that means that Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, Mohammad Atta, Bonnie and Clyde, Slobodan Milosevic, China's Gang of 4, Marat, Robespierre, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Beria, Trotsky, Himmler, Goering, Streicher, Jodl, Ramesses, Caligula, Nero, Caracalla, Margaret Sanger, Elizabeth Batory, Susan Atkins, Qin Shi Huangdi, the Empress Lue .... are all dancing in front of God, having paid absolutely no price for their mass crimes; and all their rapes, murders, extermination, and evil are rewarded with eternal joy.

I don't believe for a moment that that is how the universe works.

I don't believe God believes that way either.


  1. 4000 victims wow I thought there was 8000?

    those coward muslim jihadists died in battle, they werent civilians everyone knows that and 80 dutch bat officers that were there are going to testify to that.

    hey what happened to your catholic nazi croatian general that got 24 years?

    hahahaha!!! SERBIA WINS! Croatia was formed on a joint criminal enterprise, have you read the brioni transcripts says it all who those boy rapping nazi catholics are

    nobody cares about your jihadist nazi writing

  2. ps you will answer to God for your FALSE witness, you continue to grieve the Holy Spirit and in your arrogance can't even receive instruction from Him. but the funny part is you think that you do!

    you are the worst of the worst, the kind of "Catholic" that protected the nazi's in WWII,

    Arrogant Coward.

  3. 4000 victims wow I thought there was 8000?>>>

    Dear mental midget: 4000 victims lie in the facility. Another 4000 were yet to be recovered.

    those coward muslim jihadists died in battle, they werent civilians everyone knows that and 80 dutch bat officers that were there are going to testify to that.>>

    Yeah, they died in battle with hoods over their eyes, hands tied together with razor wire, and shot by pistol wielding snipers in the back of the neck. Suuuuure.

    hey what happened to your catholic nazi croatian general that got 24 years?>>

    If he's guilty, he deserves it. If he isn't, he's a hero to his nation. Either way, fine by me.

    hahahaha!!! SERBIA WINS! Croatia was formed on a joint criminal enterprise, have you read the brioni transcripts says it all who those boy rapping nazi catholics are>>

    Dis the Catholic faith to Jesus, pal, and see how far that gets you.

    nobody cares about your jihadist nazi writing>>>

    You do. Which makes you "nobody."

  4. not if he is guilty but HE IS GUILTY - and you still can't admit...why CAN'T YOU ADMIT it?????? the Hague convicted HIM!!! and you still can't admit it, joint criminal enterprise countless serbs in the 100,000's cleansed do you have a clue how many people that is and you still can't admit it why??? because YOU LOSE - your HATE and total Nazi racisim against SERBS has LOST - how does it feel to lose?

    no they didn't die with hoods over their faces they died trying to cut off the heads of Serbian Christian farmers - don't you know that is the Muslim Jihadist way. You have no evidence of anything except just repeating the same Muslim lies like a good little parrot

    stop manipulating you deceiver, never did i say Jesus, who is the Lord God, I said catholics, catholics and Christ are not synonomous, your catholic religion is just that a religion not all catholics are bad belief in Christ is based on individual faith not what name of church or denomination a person belongs too. Not all of your catholics are bad but your religion does have an affinity for raping little boys and for saving NAZI's througout WWII - so those catholics have nothing to do with Jesus and everything to do with darkness.

    And you are right I am a nobody, sinner saved by the blood of Jesus..

    but i am nobody who knows that you are a jihadist nazi, that knows nothing about the Lamb of God.

    And we will not give up till we expose you.

  5. Okay, he's guillty.



    The Hague found him guilty.

    He must be guilty.


    To *precisely* the same degree.

    And thank you for conceding therefore that Srebrenica WAS an act of genocide since (a) the Hague court so found and (b) since at least one commander there has been CONVICTED BY GENOCIDE by the very same court.

    That also means you concede utterly completely and forever that Nasir Oric is not a major war criminal since he was NOT convicted of a major crime, but a minor one for which he was only sentenced to time served.

    God, I love it when twits like you swallow your own tail.




    they wanted to let gotovina GO SO BAD, it kills the US and Europe and people like you, they wanted to free him but the transcripts were their and had to convict him! hahaha

    in NOT one Serbian trial was there any evidence even remotely close to that of the EVIL of catholics and muslims - NOT ONE piece of evidence

    it was all based on circumstantial evidence and lies from he said and I saw -

    but that is ok because the Hague was the best thing to happen to Serbia, so what a few Serbs spend the twilight of their lives with 3 meals a day and walking with God, and in return they got the best platform ever to tell the truth.

    have you been following the karadzic trial mr. lawyer you will see what is happening to the prosecution and to the chamber they are in chaos and despair, it is a JOKE - they will try to kill him like they killed Milosevic but it won't keep the truth from coming out..

    THANK YOU HAGUE FOR giving Serbs the opportunity to share the truth with the world, where it is on record everyday for everyone to see and for future generations to analyze and study.

    Serbia wins again.

    thanks for being so defensive nazi jihadist catholic boy it shows your guilt and the actual consciousness of your guilt and darkness.

    you selectively and manipulatively choose what to respond to, it means you lost and you have no way of dealing with the truth except by promoting Jihad..

    those stories are tired and washed up, like your writing

  7. Source: BT

    Danish UN soldiers failed to stop the massacre of disabled
    24. April 2011 09:54 Inland
    A large number of Danish UN soldiers stationed in Croatia, failed in 1995 to act as men in camouflage uniforms executed nine handicapped Serbs in the eyes of the Danes.
    This dark chapter in Danish history is war, despite its horror largely undescribed. The tragedy is only superficially mentioned in various newspaper articles and in a couple of memoirs, one written by the former force commander, retired Col. Jørn Jensen.
    BT writes Sunday that the executions took place a few meters from a Danish company of 200 fully equipped soldiers, who had several opportunities to intervene against the 12 perpetrators who with hand grenades and handguns murdered loose in front of the passive Danes.
    So on
    The Danes were the few criminals completely superior - but the soldiers were ordered simply to watch.
    Liquidations took place 8th August 1995 in the Croatian town of Dvor, where disabled people lived at a school which includes the Danish troops had partially withdrawn to camp.
    Around the Clock 14.25 got a platoon of 30 Danish soldiers at the school's west side saw 12 men in camouflagetøj who went on a road near the school in the abandoned town.
    Lined up in a row and killed
    And from a UN bunker on the roof of the school saw two Danish soldiers how four of the men forced their way to school with hand grenades.
    Subsequently, the nine physically and mentally handicapped lined up in a row and killed one by one. Furthermore, 3:00 to 4:00 civilians led out of school with your hands behind your neck.
    Total was the massacre of at least 15 minutes. BT's reconstruction of events shows clearly that Danish soldiers had several opportunities to intervene.
    - We could have shot the murderers. It had been easier to shoot bears in Tivoli, said Jan Well Dorff, who was a senior sergeant so the whole incident from 35 feet away from the UN bunker on the school roof.
    Reported to the command center
    Besides the two Danes on the roof, then another two male parts of liquidations from inside the Danish camp. Moreover, it was a whole division of 30 armed Danish soldiers in position by the school's west side, from where they could hear the sound of grenades and shot from inside the school.
    The observations were - both of the two men in the bunker on the roof of the division west of school - immediately reported by radio network to the camp's central command:
    All they lacked was an order from the camp's company commander, Gen. George Cold, to intervene, but instead the soldiers told to observe.
    - Here after 16 years I do not want to participate in a story about whether something could be prevented or not, says Jørgen Kold today.
    Was very shocked
    - Afterwards, people were in the camp very upset by what had occurred. Many were angry that we had not done anything. It is understandable - especially if you have seen people being mowed down on the way, remember Bjarke Dupont Sørensen, who was the sergeant in Dvor camp.
    It was the now retired Gen. Paul Borchum, soon after the assassination succeeded George Cold as Commander in Dvor. He does not understand the Danish act.
    - If I had been there, I had asked my soldiers to fire warning shots in through the windows to get the men to stop, he says.

  8. And this justifies Srebrenica exactly *how*?

    Oh, yeah, that's right. Muslims are all subhumans and not only must be exterminated, we must not even notice when we have done so. That's right.

    Never mind. I forgot to get with the program.


  9. those were coward jihadist that died in battle cause they suck as soldiers they only know how to rape and cut off innocent peasant heads...

    you still can't find it in yourself to realize the truth about Christian Serbian suffering and the genocide against Serbs in WWI, WWII and just recently.

    Those boy rapping nazi catholics didn't have mercy on the mentally handicapped THE MENTALLY HANDICAPPED BRO -

    what don't you get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if they didn't have mercy on the weak and the sick who would they HAVE MERCY ON!!!

    WWII Jasenovac, and Handzar Muslim Nazi's all over again,

    Serbia wins, you lose jihadist.

    You protect these people YOU ARE SCUM, how does it feel to work for the DEVIL?????

  10. Number of Dutch Army Veterans Willing to Testify on Behalf of Karadžić has Quadrupled

    The number of Dutch veterans, members of the battalion stationed in Srebrenica during the 1992-1995 civil war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, who are prepared to testify on behalf of Republika Srpska first President Radovan Karadžić, has more than quadrupled in the past few months, ever since one brave soldier — Marco Van Hees — courageously stepped out of the heavy media blackout surrounding Dutch troops, determined to help unearth the whole truth about Srebrenica.

    “At this moment, 91 Dutch Army veteran, member of the battalion stationed in Srebrenica in 1995 is ready to tell the whole truth about the events in that enclave and thus defend Radovan Karadžić,” said Aleksandar Gavrilović, founder and president of the association Serbian Research from Netherlands.

    Gavrilović, who is originally from the Serbian town of Čačak, has invested years in trying to present the full truth in Netherlands about the events in Srebrenica and the atrocious crimes committed against the Srebrenica municipality Serbs by the Bosnian Muslim war criminal, Srebrenica warlord Naser Orić and his savage gang of mujaheedins.

    “The first Dutchbat veteran who publicly said he would testify in Radovan Karadžić’s defense was Marco Van Hees. His statement was ignored in Dutch media,” Gavrilovic said, adding that “when it turned out Van Hees is not alone and there are others among the former Blue Helmets who would testify on behalf of Karadžić in the Hague, a full-blown internet war begun: on various web pages a number of lies was bandied about, aimed at harming the credibility of the first witness”.

  11. Gavrilović cited a number of outright lies and disinformation being plastered throughout the cyberspace, including the blatant fallacy shamelessly pushed forth by the Bosnian Muslims, alleging that Hees’ mother is Serbian.

    “The purpose of these stories is to smear Marco and to tear down the credibility of his statements in which he denies the official Srebrenica myth. It is also incorrect that Marco was a member of one of the earlier Dutch battalions rather than the third [Dutchbat III]“, Gavrilović said.

    Dutch War Veterans Wrongly Accused

    Gavrilović explained that Dutch media is under the strict government control and no publicity is given to the case of their troops which were stationed in Srebrenica.

    “By presenting their truth about Srebrenica, Dutch war veterans are also fighting for their own existence, because these people are entirely isolated in the Holland society, they are left with no employment and to their own devices. The reason for such (mis)treatment is fear that Dutchbat soldiers could threaten the official position taken by the former Dutch government, which accepted the blame both in its own and in the name of Dutchbat soldiers, and resigned,” Gavrilović said.

    “These men who are trying to get their pensions, so their families would have something to live on, have been the victims of the postwar trauma syndrome. A number of them, in a bitter struggle to survive, have been driven to the edge of delinquency and few have committed suicide. But all that remains unknown to Dutch public. There is only immense pressure and no-one, not a single public person or an intellectual had expressed their solidarity with these men and women. Needless to say, Srebrenica as the subject is constantly present in Netherlands, but it is being approached only in the well known manner: Muslims are always only victims, and everything the Serbs present is treated as ‘propaganda’. This has been going on for years now,” Gavrilović said.

    According to Ivan Miličić, member of the Serbian Research association, there is no real democracy in Netherlands and there is no freedom of speech.

    “In a state where you can legally buy drugs and where the narco-tourism flourishes, there is no freedom of speech: not a single public person, including the NGO sector, is supporting Dutch soldiers in their justified efforts to take the blame off themselves for something that didn’t happen to begin with — the alleged ‘genocide’ against Bosnian Muslims”, Miličić said.

    “We Could See Srebrenica Muslims Attack Serb Villages at Night”

    Marco Van Hees said he would testify before the Hague tribunal to confirm that Srebrenica, declared a UN safe haven, was in fact a Muslim military base from which vicious armed attacks were carried out against the Bosnian Serb army and civilian population in the surrounding villages.

    “We could see that at night, using the special binoculars and termographic cameras, but what could we do? On the other hand, Dutchbat troops were never allowed to talk to the Serbs, and I never noticed any attempts to open a dialog with the Serbs in that region”, Van Hees said.

  12. An unnamed Dutchbat veteran who is also willing to testify before the Hague tribunal, claims that Muslim troops stationed in Srebrenica were secretly being armed by the “black fleights” — the Americans:

    “I would see them going about in new uniforms and I talked to them in Serbian during the reconnaissance patrols,” he said in a statement in Gavrilović’s possession.

    “They are rightfully embittered because they were stripped of their rights and isolated, since they are considered a ‘publicity risk’ for the Dutch government, and a threat to the common assumptions about the war events,” Gavrilović said.

    Mujahedeen-Occupied Srebrenica was a Hellhole

    Milivoje Ivanišević, member of President Karadžić’s defense team, said he was pleasantly surprised by the number of Dutch veterans willing to come forth and testify about the things they have witnessed first hand.

    “In September [2008], when I first spoke with Dutch soldiers, 21 veteran was prepared to testify in Radovan’s defense. In the meantime, that number had grown more than four times. This is a pleasant surprise for me, showing that these men and women have gotten rid of the pressure of their government and Muslim lobbies. Those soldiers were abused, the Dutch government mistreats them and the Bosnian Muslims are spitting on them,” Ivanišević said.

    Regarding the possible testimonies of the Dutchbat troops in the Hague, he assessed that “all the facts have already been established”, but are differently interpreted:

    “It is well known who was wounded when, who received a decoration or a promotion, and how many of those ‘executed’ were killed by the pieces of shrapnel. Dutch troops could tell about the chaos and the plunder in [Bosnian Muslim-run] Srebrenica which, in only three months, received 1,900 tons of humanitarian aid by the parachutes, and three times more by the roads — at the time when many were starving. They could tell a lot about the prostitution and offering of the daughters and girlfriends to the Dutch humanitarians, about the widespread crime and the inter-Muslim clashes,” Ivanišević said.

  13. you still can't find it in yourself to realize the truth about Christian Serbian suffering and the genocide against Serbs in WWI, WWII and just recently.>>

    STILL haven't figured it out, have you? They were moron droids working for a communist who USED his people and egged them into a totally pointless and unnecessary war to keep from having to face an open election.

    And I don't know what religion the people who tied the Bosniacs' hands behind their backs and shot them at close range with pistols, but I promise you, they weren't Christian.

    And neither are you.

    Christians worship at the foot of the Cross, not a flagpole.

  14. hahahaha yah slobodan milosevic who would NEVER say he was a SERB, who was the biggest JUGOSLAV on planet earth from montenegro, who you can't find one HATEFUL speech, from who put sanctions against bosnian Serbs in 1993, who was hated by the Serbs in Croatia becaused he never mobilized the military to help them fight the ustasa nazi's, who stopped any contact with them in 1992, did all of this to win an election, do you know how stupid you SOUND?

    so i guess it was milosevic who made the muslims fight the croats for 2 YEARS so hardcore that thousands died and the MOSTAR bridge was blown up, a 500 year old bridge.

    and oh i am sure it was milosevic who made the albanians fight the macedonians in 2001 too right?

    afterall this thank you so much for admitting that the Yugoslav leadership were COMMUNISTS and NOT NATIONALISTS the first honest thing that you have said,

    you didn't respond to the DUTCHbat officers that are going to testify, why don't you as a lawyer contact them and interview them, they were stationed in srebrencia for 4 years and were there when the muslim jihadists soldiers tried to break through to Tuzla and lost in battle.

    interview them if you have guts, find out the truth, stop repeating the same Jihadist lies.

  15. Do you really talk like that in person? You must be a barrel of laughs at parties.

    Christ Jesus.

    (That's not a curse, it's an invocation.)

  16. Was 'Srebrenica genocide' a hoax?......But it is a few hundred executions, not 8000 or on any approximate number.
     Srebrenica was supposed to serve their intensity and for diverting attention from the massacre of women, children, elderly and ethnic cleansing in Krajina, with the support and direction of the United States. According to Western media Krajina Serbs over Srebrenica deserve.

  17. Was 'Srebrenica genocide' a hoax?......But it is a few hundred executions, not 8000 or on any approximate number.
     Srebrenica was supposed to serve their intensity and for diverting attention from the massacre of women, children, elderly and ethnic cleansing in Krajina, with the support and direction of the United States. According to Western media Krajina Serbs over Srebrenica deserve.

  18. Serb genocide apologists whine about the horrible things that happened to their people after they lost their genocidal war. It's like hearing the German citizenry complaining about losing their roofs in the bombing. It doesn't exactly cause one to shed a tear.

    And no, it was not a hoax. I was there. I saw it.


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