Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Lenten Reflection from Cracked.Com

Always thought that "Cracked" was a lame knockoff of MAD Magazine, but I have to give them credit....

...they gave us an awesome reason to reflect on God's wisdom in this article on how immortality would truly suck.

Literally every powerful and wealthy person on Earth will decide that in your veins pumps the one thing they can't buy: freedom from death. They're not going to stop until they've spent every penny they can spare to see if they can turn your blood and organs into unending life for themselves. Think about the wars that are being fought over oil. The secret to eternal life would be worth far, far more.

So we're not talking about the occasional blood test and urine sample here and there while they let you stay in some five-star facility. It's more like you getting kidnapped and kept in some damp underground shack away from any civilization while they go balls out on your organs E.T.-style.

Get comfortable, because since nobody will know where you are, they can keep you there for as long as they want.

Check 'em out:

“Praised be You, my Lord, through our Sister Bodily Death." - Francis of Assisi

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