Monday, April 25, 2011

"It Was Twenty Years Ago, Todayyy....."

Well, yesterday, actually, but close enough.

Twenty years since my Dad went to fly with God.

You're missed, pal. You're missed.

(Above: Dad in June 1943 (it says so right there on the pic ;0)), in pilot school. He never graduated, but that's OK; he stayed behind and taught while most of his classmates were killed in the early bombing campaign over the Reich, most of which flights had a 5% casualty rate*.)

*5% doesn't seem so bad, does it? That's 5% shot down per mission. The chance of surviving to 25 missions and rotation home that first year?

(.95^25), or.... 28%

Which means the converse, 72%, died or were captured. That's a FAR higher casualty rate than even Iwo Jima.

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