Wednesday, April 13, 2011

150 years

I spent part of the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War (AKA the War of Southern Liberation, the War of the Destruction of Slavery, Lincoln's Unmitigated and Righteous Triumph, and the War of Regional Collective Stupidity) driving through Richmond, VA, capital of the Old South.

On an Interstate.

Think about that for a second.

I'll write about this at greater length, but my good friend The Mighty Favog had this to say on his blog yesterday in remembrance of the disaster that befell the slaveowning republic:

If any son of the South is honest with himself -- any white son of the South, that is -- sooner or later, he comes up hard against the truth of his "Southern heritage."

Namely, that all the popularly defined aspects of "Southern pride" are nothing to be proud of. For Southerners -- particularly we of a certain age -- this conclusion generally is reached, if it is ever reached at all, after a lifetime of equivocation, denial and trying to reconcile the irreconcilable.

....The antebellum South, and all of the supposed "gentility" that surrounded this eternal Tara of our mind's eye, was built on the backs -- and at the cost of the freedom, dignity and lives -- of millions of African slaves.

It came at the cost of everything by which Americans self-define, and only after twisting the white man's soul into accepting good as evil and evil as good.

THERE WAS no noble cause. There was no honor in defeat. Our ancestors fought -- and died -- for a damnable lie, and the flag they rallied around just as well could have sported a big "666."

Lincoln was right; Jeff Davis was a traitor, and Sherman did what he had to do. The Lost Cause was damn well lost, because a people had damn well lost their minds . . . and perhaps their souls.

Thank you, sir.

They don't come much more Nawthun than me (I was born in Fairbanks) so I catch a lot of shit from those sons of the South who still believe in a fairy tale they call The Cause. But I'll say it anyway: Thanks be the Risen Christ for the total destruction of the slaveowning (wage-stealing, slave-raping) Old South and its replacement by the values embodied in the United States Constitution and all that goes with it.

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