Saturday, March 12, 2011

To my friends grieving the outcome in Wisconsin:

I respectfully ask you please note that the Democratic Party and unions pay lawyers big bucks to do legislative analysis and to study legislative procedure. In other words, they *knew* that the Senate could do this all along. Therefore they *knew* that this entire organized runaway legislator thing was a show. Therefore they *knew* they were gonna lose on this issue from day 1.

Therefore THEY PLAYED YOU into a false hope of blocking something they knew would pass regardless, in the hope that you'd get riled up.

Elections have consequences. In future, if you want to stop this, win your next election, as civilized people must in a republic.

I will add one thing: I'm gratified to see that, aside from a few death threats and mob scenes, NOBODY GOT HURT through any of this, on either side. Nobody died. Nobody got shot. No bombs went off. Both sides got red in the face and screamed a lot but neither side got violent. I will admit, I was worried there for a while, as mobs don't generally think clearly in terms of consequences.

I must say I have hope for the Republic yet.

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