Friday, February 4, 2011

We got mail!

This one was in response to my posting a few weeks back on Srebrenica.

"Though I am quite sure that they could be kind and were nice to their dogs and grandkids." did you really write this? are you SERIOUS? you wrote this and expect us to take you seriously, hahahahhahaha omg what a joke you are. hahahah i can't believe anyone takes you seriously - we will expose very soon, we are filing a lawsuit against you very soon, enjoy the silence you are enjoying right now...we are preparing. I am still waiting for you to respond to your freedom fighting muslims that slaughtered serbian innocents for their kidneys, livers, eyeballs, they are quite good at that their grandfathers taught them that when they did the same to Serbs 60 years ago... check out what your Your Hero Mujahadeen's were awesome at, you must be so PROUD tough proud - you wont check it because people like you have no spine do you think that everyone is so dumb to eat your Islamic Agenda, you will be exposed. and i am sure you have no guts to print anything thats what a man of "honor and integrity" you are hahahahahaaahahahaa

You won't print this because you are a coward but i want to write it to you anyway... There you go again with your accusations do you ever get tired of that boring talk...We will SUE you, we will EXPOSE you. We have money, we are organized we have been waiting many years for this moment...and now the time is right. Have you ever heard of FALSE ACCUSATORY ATTACKS? It is well known in all psychological circles - covering the truth through accusation after accusation. That is all you and the Islamic agenda and the Nazi Croatians have no SCIENTIFIC DATA NO TRUTH. Tell me something tough guy, if Milosevic was such a butcher why are there countless Muslims living in Serbia proper that have lived there for centuries and decades without a hair touched on their heads? Even though they fought with every oppressive empire the Turks, the Austrain/Hungarians, the Nazi's. If you can find me one racist, hateful speech that Milosevic or Karadzic or any OTHER Serbian leader/general made - I will write you a blank check and with my resources you would be retired immediately. Go ahead search and find one statement surely if they are the butchers you constantly accuse them of and repeat the same boring story over and over again there would be some evidence. Your story is tired and old and has no truth, no evidence...would you in live under Sharia Law? Would you? haha you probably would! What would your government do if Muslims were killing your people, bombing your institutions forming a parallel army? What you would you write then? Would you write they are freedom fighters then? Did your people live under 600 years of Islamic rape and slavery like the Serbs did under the Ottoman Turks? Tell me something have you written about the 200 churches in Kosovo that have been erased from existence under NATO's "democratic" eyes? Have you written that Sarajevo used to have 200,000 Serbs and now have less then 5,000? Have you written how Croatia is an ethnically pure state when it used to have 30% Serbs and now has 2%? Have you gone to Kosovo and see how the Christian Serbs live there? Am I an apologist or is it the truth? All you have are accusations, come on all knowing Westerner, democratic wise man, go to Serbia yourself and see the Truth. See that 400,000 Serbs were cleansed out of Kosovo and live in Shipping in containers today while you get your cafe latte at starbucks in the 21st century, in Europe there are over 700,000 IDP's and refugees living in Serbia, oh wait just like Jewish lives didn't matter a short time ago Serbs lives don't matter now. Read the Muslim leader from Bosnia's "Islamic Declaration" and then come back and start writing. If Serbs were such aggressors why did the Croats fight the Muslims for much of the war and why did the Muslims from Kosovo fight Macedonia in a war? Do you think that the world is going to listen to your lies just because your name is Richard. That time my friend is done, here is FAIR warning prepare with some real evidence because we will NOT give up until we expose you and your accusations that mean nothing without scientific evidence. I can go on and on but for people like you it is useless...Serbs don't need you or anyone else in time the Islamic agenda in Bosnia and Kosovo and the neo Nazi Croatians will be exposed. You still haven't responded to the PACE European Council report about your poor victim Muslim Albanians from Kosovo that murdered Serbs for their organs - why so quiet big guy? Why are so quiet that thousands of Mujahadeen Jihadists cut the heads of hundrends of Serbian peasents across Bosnia? WHy are you so quiet that Osama Bin Laden traveled for years with a Bosnian passport? These are scientific facts - where are your facts oh wait you don't have any... R. Van Koppen

Hey Coward why are you so quiet now that your beloved Muslims the Albanians in Kosovo killed countless Serbs for their kidneys and organs? Why are you so quiet? Come on coward, let's hear it? Why are you so quiet that over 80 Dutchbat soldiers are going to testify about the TRUTH. We are going to sue you we are going to expose you like the truth has been exposed, we have been quietly waiting for the truth to come out... it is out. There are one million Serbian refugees and internally displaced people in Serbia, have you written about one? You coward, you lost, read the truth, read how your hero Albanians robbed Serbian children and innocent of their internal organs and that is just the surface of what the Muslims did to Serbs in Kosovo, Bosnia and what the nazi croats did in croatia. YOU LOST. How does it feel to sell your soul to the devil? Ralph Van Koppen

To which I can only suggest: Abilify, Mr. Van Koppen. Works wonders.

PS: "We will SUE you, we will EXPOSE you...." Bring it.



PSS: Additional analysis reveals: (1) overuse of the word "Coward." (2) Overuse of the phrase "I will EXPOSE you." (3) Overuse of the word "Islamic". (4) Projectionist attribution to the recipient of psychological phenomena engaged in by the sender. (5) The fact that the name "Ralph Van Koppen" does not appear anywhere on the Internet and cannot be found in Google or Bing and is therefore a pseud.

Add to this: there is someone who used to send me hatemail whose last interaction with me included the above phrases (1) through (3) and attribute (4).

Upshot: Rodan, AKA Rick Martinez, is that YOU? Not certain it is, but it sure seems that way.

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