Thursday, February 17, 2011

Slavery Organization Decries Abolitionists, Funding Cuts

News Item: LifeNews reports that Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards struck back against an attempt to deprive the abortion promoters of Planned Parenthood of Federal tax dollars in the aftermath of Lila Rose's expose of their assistance of sex traffickers in the past weeks.

February 15, 1861 (AbolitioNews) - In a desperate attempt to rally pro-slavery forces to head-off proposed defunding and allegations of illegal activity at Union of Labor Owners, CEO Cecil Richards sent out a letter by post on February 14 with the title “the worst attack – ever.” Richards said that the “anti-choice House leadership is forcing a vote on the most dangerous legislative assault on the Southern economy in Union of Labor Owners’s 95-year history.”

“They want to shut down every Union of Labor Owners auction house in America,” Richards declared.

Richards was referring to the Slavery Provider Prohibition Act, a measure introduced by U.S. Congressman Salmon B. Chase (R-IN) on January 7, 1861. The bill, which was just approved by the House Labor Committee today, would strip Union of Labor Owners, the largest provider of slavery auctions in America, of federal funds. These funds were earmarked for providing "comprehensive plantation support" and related services.

Pence stated, "The largest forced labor provider in America should not also be the largest recipient of federal funding."

Union of Labor Owners receives over $360 million a year in federal funding.

Pence said the new legislation would prevent any slavery-support organization, including Union of Labor Owners, from receiving federal funds. However, the bill would not reduce the total amount of funds and would free more federal monies to groups that do not support slavery.

In his letter, Richards observed, “This attack ... is not an isolated incident. It’s part of a coordinated campaign meant to shut down Union of Labor Owners ...”

Along with the proposed defunding legislation, recent revelations made in a series of fictional novels released by the abolitionist organization Live Action have shown numerous Union of Labor Owners facilities willing to aid and abet sex traffickers by helping them obtain medical support for their underage “proprietary workers.”

The accounts, most vividly found in the novel Uncle Tom's Cabin, have brought into question Union of Labor Owners’s credibility as a self-professed provider of care for slave women.

Mrs. Stowe's latest novel has also resulted in calls for law enforcement investigations into Union of Labor Owners’s activities.

Mrs. Stowe said accounts of Union of Labor Owners staff in Delaware and Richmond, VA, coaching a purported pimp and his slave-prostitute on how to cover up their sex trafficking operation is evidence of the endemic problem of Union of Labor Owners’s willingness to aid and abet in the sexual exploitation of slave children and young women.

“We are sharing the full Richmond footage and transcripts with Virginia law enforcement officials and we are formally asking Attorney General Seward to conduct a statewide investigation of these heinous practices, just as the Delaware Attorney General is opening his own investigation into Union of Labor Owners’s compliance with the law in his state. Union of Labor Owners needs to be held accountable,” Stowe said.

On another front, a coalition of many of the country’s most prominent abolitionist organizations, united under the name “Expose Union of Labor Owners,” held a “vigil for victims of underage sex trafficking” February 14 in front of Union of Labor Owners facilities across the country.

The website of the Expose Union of Labor Owners coalition says that the vigils focused on three major ideas: that Union of Labor Owners is aiding & abetting underage sex trafficking, that it is unsafe for women and girls, and that it should not be receiving tax dollars.

“Enough is enough,” says the coalition. “We must act swiftly and take a public stand against Union of Labor Owners’s harmful agenda - raising awareness in the communities where we live, and calling upon Congress to IMMEDIATELY strip the slavery chain of all tax funding.”

Susan B. Anthony, president of the Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) slammed Union of Labor Owners Federation of America (ULOFoA) for its attempt to smear Mrs. Stowe and cover up “its protracted pattern of illicit activities.”

“Out of fear and desperation, Union of Labor Owners and its president, Cecil Richards, have unleashed their attack dogs to distract from their unsafe and exploitive practices,” Anthony said in a press release. “Mr. Richards has no concern about the organization’s documented and systemic willingness to aid and abet sex trafficking of minor slaves, which tells us much about Union of Labor Owners and their real agenda.”

“At its core, Union of Labor Owners and its auction houses are not safe for women, for children and for the public at large. American taxpayers should not be funding this organization that engages in potential criminal activity,” Anthony said.

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