Saturday, February 12, 2011

Joshua Goldberg, RIP

I am deeply saddened to hear that Joshua Goldberg, brother of Jonah, son of Lucianne, and editor-in-chief at Lucianne.Com, passed away this week in the aftermath of an accident. He was 43.

My only interaction with him came a few months ago, before the election, when I (rather stridently) objected to a cartoon on the "9/11 site mosque" that I thought crossed the line into bigotry. Other sites would have deleted my account for saying so; he sent me a very polite note saying that my objections were noted. He was kind and I'm still able to post there.

We've lost one of our Tattered Remnant. God rest you, Joshua, and my condolences to the Goldberg family and to all those who were privileged to know him personally. His loss is a bitter blow.

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