Monday, January 17, 2011

Vatican City: Criminal Central!

The irreplacable Phil Lawler reports:
Among all the world's countries, which one has the highest reported rate of crime? Vatican City...The statistics are skewed since there are only 27 legal residents of Vatican City, but an estimated 18 million people visit each year. If just one visitor out of every 666,666 (hmm; that's an interesting number) committed a petty crime, that would yield a rate of one reported crime per resident, which would be enough to send your local police chief into a tailspin. ... Last year Vatican officials reported 1,300 misdemeanors....

That works out to about 48 crimes per citizen.

Oh well. Look at the bright side. The population isn't exactly growing; for some reason the Vatican City also has the world's lowest birth rate.


  1. Letting the Catholic Church continue to operate out of the Vatican is like letting Al Capone claim Chicago as a sovereign country. Read On This Rock by Dave Leonard for a good look at what the Vatican's real goals are and the power structure they have in place to accomplish them.


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