Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Todd Palin: Not A Whoremonger

Whelll, surprahze, surprahze, surprahze.

Todd Palin is not a Call girl's massage therapist's sex customer after all.

National Inquirer said he was just a few days ago....

but lo and behold? It ain't so.

Well, I hate to say Itoldjaso, but.... Itoldjaso. (Page down to Comment #42.)

Now, you don't exactly have to be Cassandra the Seer to have seen where THIS one was going. There has been a cottage industry of BS generators in Alaska trying to crucify the entire family since 2008. They won't be happy until something horrible happens to Sarah, and when it does--likely at the hand of someone who will NOT be a crazed psychopath--they will of course take no responsibility for it.

And that last line is one prediction I pray to God does not come true.

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