Saturday, January 1, 2011


Oh, and Happy Binary Day-- 01/01/11 @ 01:01:11 this morning.....

and for no possible sane reason, I give you...

Frank Zappa, 1973, playing MONTANA, with Jean Luc Ponty on the Violin from Hell.

ADDENDUM 1/1/11 4:27 pm:

The source of all wisdom and knowledge, Wikipedia, adds this little anecdote:

According to Barry Miles' biography Zappa, Tina Turner was so impressed with a rough cut of the song, she volunteered herself and her backup singers to sing the "raising my lonely dental floss" backups on the song. Afterwards, Tina called her then-husband Ike Turner into the studio to listen. According to Miles, Ike listened for about a minute, declared, "What the hell is this shit?" and left.

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