Saturday, January 22, 2011

If Charles Johnson had Blogged in 1944

It has been a long time since I have had much to say on the disgusting Charles Johnson, the Squire of Gothos at Little Green Footballs. It's hardly been necessary to do so; his growing irrelevance has been very gratifying. I've hardly heard a peep from him since he noisily left the realm of the sane for the far, far left field last year.

Nevertheless, a couple days back he denounced former Senator Rick Santorum for speaking the self evident--i.e., that the destruction of unborn children is the moral equivalent of human slavery and is built on the same logic.

Johnson had the temerity to call this honorable man a "spokeshole."

I wonder, what would Johnson's blog have looked like if he was writing in 1944?

(Translated from the original German, von Kleinegruenefuessballen.dr)

Religious right spokeshole Dietrich Bonhoeffer is in the news today for playing the race card on our Leader, by comparing transshipments of undesirables to the East for honest labor to slavery in the antebellum United States.
Discussing The Leader’s views on the resettlement during a two-hour sit-down mit BBC Nws on Dienstag, Bonhoeffer said the Reichskanzler’s pro-removal position meant he was valuing some lives over others.
The question is, and this is what The Leader didn’t want to answer — is that human life a person under the Reich law? he said. “And The Leader says no. Well, if that human life is not a person, then I find it almost remarkable for a man to say ‘now we are going to decide who are people and who are not people.’
That might seem pretty tone-deaf (to say the least), but this kind of talking point is very common among anti-resettlement fundamentalists like Bonhoeffer. They see the issue in stark black and white with no room for reasonable people to disagree, which means that those who support safe, legal Final Solutions aren’t just mistaken or wrong — they’re evil. And evil monsters are capable of anything; slavery, mass murder, genocide, every hideous crime.
That absolutist world-view is also what drives the periodic eruptions of violence from the more extreme anti-resettlement groups. Just last year, anti-resettlement fanatics murdered Reinhard Heidrich in the occupied territories! If your enemies are committing mass murder of innocents on a gigantic scale, anything is justified if it stops them. After the statement above, Bonhoeffer followed up and made this demonization even more explicit.
For decades certain human beings were wrongly treated as property and denied liberty in the United States because they were not considered persons under the U.S. Constitution. Today other human beings, minorities of all races, are also wrongly treated as property and denied the right to life under law for the same reason; because they are not considered persons under Reich law. I am disappointed that The Leader, who rightfully fights for civil rights for all Germans, refuses to recognize the rights of so-called 'undesirables' in this country
And anybody who thinks that Godwin's law applies hasn't read this.
It is, indeed, Charles Johnson who is deaf--not merely tonedeaf but deaf--to the silent screams of the victims we have as a nation made.

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