Sunday, January 23, 2011

Holes in the World:
A January 23 Reflection

Today is the 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. In consideration whereof, I ask you to look closely at the picture below.

Yes, look closely: but before you recoil, this is not a picture of an aborted baby.

This is not the picture of an aborted baby, but one that lives. And the doctor whose finger he holds is not there to take his life but to save it.

The hole through which the child reaches in this picture is a hole in his mother's womb. It is a hole that symbolizes the holes in our world that the missing leave behind.

I'd like to tell you a couple of stories about these holes in our world.

First, I'd like to start with the happier of the two tales. It seems that, until recently, there lived in Connecticut a girl known as Najara Nance. She had very poor relations with the woman she knew as her mother; the woman had often beaten and abused her over the years. But now she was up against a wall: now 23 years old and with a child of her own, in order to get a job, she had to provide her new employers with a birth certificate. And the woman refused to give her one.

Eventually the girl, known to all as Najara, confronted the woman who raised her and demanded the truth. And the truth was that she was not the woman's natural child at all. The woman couldn't even provide her with adoption papers.

Eventually, Najara contacted the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and she discovered the truth: she had been kidnapped as a baby.

In 1987, her parents, a poor, unmarried couple in Harlem, New York, had taken their seventeen day old baby girl to a hospital. The baby disappeared, taken, apparently, by the nurse who had greeted them at the emergency room door. The kidnapper was apparently suffering from 'baby hunger' and could only cure it through stealing the child of another.

That 'nurse' raised her and gave her the name "Najara Nance". But her true name was Carlina White: and she was the longest unrecovered kidnapping victim in American history. A DNA test proved that she was the child.

I will save the story of her return home; you can read about it here. Let it stand that her true mother had been waiting for 23 years for her to return, and the involuntarily prodigal daughter was welcomed home with open arms.

But that story of rejoicing and the Mother and Child Reunion had an ugly echo only a few miles down the interstate: that is, the arrest last week of a doctor whose job it is to kill infants just a few days younger than Carlina was on the day of her disappearance.

In Philadelphia, a well known abortion doctor, and several of his staff, have been arrested and his abortion clinic shut down. It is alleged that the good Doctor and his staff had stabbed at least seven newborn abortion survivors, living children, in the back of the spine with scissors in order to complete the abortion process. They also allegedly killed at least one woman patient through gross incompetence.

Now, there are those who find it ironic that this doctor and his staffers are going to go to prison for doing something that had it been done while the child's head was still in the birth canal would have been perfectly legal.

But that's not what this story is about.

It's not about the doctor and not about the kidnapping mother in the story above--both of whom I have deliberately left unnamed (ymach shemo).

This story is about the babies.

In the case of Carlina, we see a baby whose mother loved and mourned her and had spent more than two decades waiting for the return of her baby. Carlina's evaporation had left an unfillable hole in the world--and in this case a hole that at last joyfully was filled when Carlina came home.

But the women who went to see the Philadelphia doctor have no hope of a reunion with their children in this world. Their babies are gone, whether killed legally or illegally.

But those missing babies have also left a hole in the world.

You may see that hole in the kidnapper of Carlina: what could drive a woman to steal another's child? Given other horrible stories I've heard akin to this, there can only be one answer: "Najara's" kidnapper surely was mourning her own aborted child. I have no proof but I would bet the rent that that is so.

When a person dies, whether in an abortion clinic or elsewhere, it leaves a hole in the world. And you see that hole in every closed school, in every empty playground, in every weed-overgrown, destroyed urban neighborhood. You see that hole filled by Mexican and Central American 'eeeleguls' slaving for under minimum wage here in the United States. You see that hole filled by desperate people running across the desert into the waiting arms of DHS for return home (only to try again). You see that hole gape in the collapse of housing prices caused by wage earners who are not alive to buy them; you see it gape wider in the immanent collapse of the Social Security System. You see that hole manifest itself as the evaporation of the our people as a whole.

Norma McCorvey, the Roe of Roe v. Wade, saw the holes in the world in the early 1990s when she saw the empty playground near her home, and it struck her: where are the children who should be playing here? And she knew: they had all been aborted.

America is evaporating (and black America even faster than white America) because we are consuming ourselves; we have outsourced our babies as we have outsourced our manufacturing. It is taking a toll that would make a yersinia pestis microbe gape in disbelief. The only thing that keeps it from destroying us utterly is that every other major culture in the world has embraced the same logic; China, Japan, Europe, Russia, India, even Israel! ... every one of them are aborting themselves into disaster as well.

There are only two major cultures that have not wholly embraced what John Paul II called the Culture of Death: nominally-Catholic Latin America and the Islamic world. Latin America has come here by the million to do the work Americans were aborted to prevent them from doing; in Europe, the Islamic masses have gone to do the same thing. Britain, for instance, looks in bewilderment at the millions of Muslim fanatics among them and they ask, how did this happen? Yet they dare not look their neighborhood abortion business straight on and make the connection.

Given the fact that Americans have exterminated 50 million of our fellow citizens since 1973, who are we to look on either of those cultures as less civilized than we are?

Returning to the picture at the top of this page: again it is not an aborted-baby picture. The fetus is 21 weeks old from conception; he is being surgically treated for spina bifida. The picture was taken in June 1999 and the boy was born in December of that year.

The child in the picture is named Samuel Armas. This is what he looks like today:

He is not a hole in the world. Thank God. And the ribbons he won for swimming are nothing compared to his reward to come.

If you see the holes in the world--if you can see the fnords--don't be a mere functionary. Join us. Act.

Don't just stand there. Do something!

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