Sunday, January 2, 2011

Haikus for 2011

Election's over!
Buh-Bye, Dem Majority!
Tea Party's in town!

Blinking red siren
Drudge Report: another scoop!
Something trivial.

More than MSM
If it's on the Internet
You can believe it.

Barack Obama
Has right to remain silent.
Maybe he should use it.

Watching dogs fighting:
Illegal, and evil too.
Michael Vick? Please note.

A big time athlete
Get away with everything...
'long as you don't suck.

Born in Hawaii?
Hokay. We believe it. But--
If not true, IMPEACH!

Chuck Johnson, Julie Gorin:
Maybe they should date.

Little Green Footballs?
Only thing worse than that is
"The Blogmocracy"

I don't understand--
Facebook friends list is down one!
Whom did I piss off?

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