Saturday, December 11, 2010

In Re Harry Potter And The Deadly Marshmallows

So a few days ago, I had reason to go to WIKIPEDIA to read the article there about Military Missing in Action (MIAs). As part of the article, it had photoes of headstones from an Italian military cemetery honoring their unidentified dead of some battle in WW2. Each headstone was marked UN MILITARA IGNOTA, or DUE MILITARI IGNOTI, etc (One Unknown Soldier, Two Unknowns, etc).

For some reason the word IGNOTUS has been in my head these last two days. Even in my dreams.

So, what do Harry and Hermione discover while visiting Harry's parent's graveyard? A headstone marked IGNOTUS PEVERELL.

(((cue Twilight Zone theme here))))

Maybe my Psychic Powers have not entirely left me.....

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