Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Blasphemy! (The Boardgame)
(Or Why I Don't Game So Much Any More)

From the Metro Detroit Gamers' WINTERCON Catalogue of Board Games To Be Played At This Weekend's Convention:

"In Blasphemy you take part in the fate of a would-be Messiah. Your aim is to convince your compatriots that your Jesus, and your Jesus alone, is the genuine article. To accomplish this, your Jesus must cut as impressive a figure as possible. He must give stirring sermons, perform miracles, attract devoted followers, and generally carry on in a Messiah-like fashion. Your Jesus must make every effort to discredit his rivals, and in the end, he must get himself killed. Yes, alas, the price of fame was dear in those days. It was clearly written that the Messiah would come to a sticky end. Accordingly, you win the game if you're the first player to get your Jesus nailed up. Blasphemy is the race to the cross! NOTE: This is a tounge in cheek game. It was selected by the GM. It does not indicate any statement on religion by the Metro Detroit Gamers."

Just. Lovely.


This takes its rightful place next to the phrase "COSMIC JEWISH ZOMBIE" at the Museum of Pseudo-Wit I'm Glad I Had Nothing To Do With.

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