Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Willie + Katie, Sittin' In A Tree......

Okay, okay, this old closet royalist can't resist.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are gonna jump the broom.



A decent, working royal family is a national treasure for those countries that have them already, and in terms of history the Brits still do it right, even with your occasional missteps (Richard III, George IV, Edward VIII, Prince Upchuck). Every family has a few bad apples.

But I gotta admit, I am a big fan of Lizzy the Deuce .... and of Prince William, who appears to be a decent stick with enough common sense not to go in public wearing a swastika, unlike his younger (half-?)brother Harry, who needs to be made viceroy of some small island in the Indian Ocean, or something, to keep him out of the public eye.

I hope that their marriage is long and fruitful... but that they have better luck in selecting their chauffeurs than their predecessors. Royalty (Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Princess Diana) have had some bad luck in that regard this last hundred years or so.

Seriously. I also hope that Ms. Middleton has the strength and the wisdom to deal with the madness of being the Prince's Bride--and to avoid the fate of William's mother, who was, at best, a dear in headlights.

Many happy years to them both. Unashamedly and without reservation.

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