Friday, November 5, 2010

In Memory of Matt Landry (1988-2009)

After seeing his girlfriend, local musician Matt Landry decided to go to a nearby Quiznos for lunch one Sunday afternoon last year.

He never returned.

Posters (as above) went up all over the neighborhood, including one in front of my law office. For all the good it did.

They found his body in a burned out, abandoned house in Detroit four days after he disappeared. His killers had jacked his car.

The gunman, a morally unconscious survivor of the foster parent system who went by the name of "Ihop", was sentenced today to life in prison without parole.

He is 18 years old.

Think about that.

Not to say the SOB doesn't deserve it: he nearly killed a woman in a bank robbery a few days later, and was convicted of some 17 different major felonies. He NEEDS to stay in prison for the rest of his life. He's lucky we don't have a death penalty.

He apparently shot Matt because the teenaged gangbanger he was trying to impress told him to do it; that, er, individual goes on trial next month.

God have mercy on him, because nobody else will. Say a prayer for him. (Okay, that's enough.)

And God grant light to Matt, and those who survived him.


  1. My prayers for this family and my best farewell to his trip to be with The Lord, Matt, it is so sad you left so soon and so scared--but you were so brave! God took you hand and led u through this with grace and a heart that never will be scared again. I know many are praying for your beloved family who love you always. I am a mother myself and with six kids I cannot imagine your mom's heart pain. I do know with my faith in GOD there is a a day of reckoning. You left a beautiful legacy that is far richer than silver or gold. God bless you and fair well(and fare well as well) a mother in Colorado who saw this on Dateline

  2. A "Michigan Silverback"? Gee, I wonder if the overt racism and ignorance that you display on your blog influences your opinions in any way. So why do you think that these angry teens living in rough, desperate, poor neighborhoods turned to crime? Because medical school left them feeling empty?

    1. Because they, like you, are evil scum. However unlike you they are fully candid in expressing that evil. They don't try to find someone to blame for their evil. It's all there in their hearts and they embrace it.

      I'm not suggesting that *you* embrace it however; I'm suggesting you repent it. Before you wind up in a prison cell, too.

    2. PS Can you explain why the vast majority of extremely poor people in Detroit do NOT turn to murdering total strangers? Enquiring minds want to know.

  3. ("With reasonable men I shall reason, to compassionate men I shall plead, but to tyrants I shall give no quarter....") And to apologists for convicted first-degree murderers I shall flip the bird.


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