Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Will Obama's failure to learn earn him impeachment?

Byron York, at the Washington Examiner, posits that Obama will, like certain unnamed individuals in bunkers in April 1945, blame everybody but himself for the coming defeat if the Democrats, as expected, are crushed in November. He points to certain signs that show that Obama appears to be incapable of the introspection and triangulation that Clinton achieved after the '94 elections, and thus will mindlessly stay the course to the end. Money grafs:
....in the wake of a Republican victory in November you can virtually guarantee the White House will not concede that the president hurt himself by pushing an unpopular national health care program through Congress; by pushing nearly a trillion dollars in stimulus spending that failed to reduce unemployment as predicted; by pushing a costly cap-and-trade agenda; or by advocating any number of other initiatives that flew in the face of voter sentiments.

In a recent campaign ad, Colorado Republican Senate candidate Ken Buck says the public tried to tell White House and Democratic leaders not to go ahead with those unwelcome measures. "They heard us, and yet they ignored us," Buck says, adding: "And folks, on Nov. 2 they will ignore us no more."

Republicans no doubt hope Buck is right. But so far Obama is sending signals that even if he loses big in November, he'll make excuses, point fingers, and try to keep going just as before.
This is a terrifying proposition. Supposing the GOP takes the House and the Senate by a crushing victory (by 'crushing' I mean 70 House seats or more). That is a clear and unequivocal signal that the Democratic Partys' policies have been utterly repudiated by the people of the United States.

If Obama insists on staying the course into the rocks, there may be only one thing that the legislative branch can do to dissuade Obama from going this route: impeachment.

Again. Damned impeachment.

I'm not making this up. I have friends, GOPers, on the hill in Washington who I hear are whispering this to one another while they wait for the elections to happen.

But if they are indeed contemplating it, it is a bad idea.

I sat through the last one on Capitol Hill back in '98 and '99. It was ugly, it was nasty, and it accomplished almost nothing but tying Billyboy's hands and other bodily parts for the duration of the crisis.

Furthermore, what Clinton did--lie under oath, commit perjury--was without question a high crime and misdemeanor. Obama, as far as I know, has done nothing to deserve it. Yet. (I am NOT a 'birther'; I believe he was born in Hawaii as posited.)

A second possibility is that we may play chicken with Obama like we did with Clinton, sending him a health-care repeal bill tied in with the Budget next spring: basically forcing him to sign if the Federal Government is going to get funding. Alternative: government shutdown. And that didn't go so well the last time, either, if I recall (tho it DID result in Monica delivering pizza on one key January afternoon).

Plan B is dangerous but Plan A would be a train wreck. Remember, guys, and I'm addressing our GOP friends in power, we are not a parliamentary democracy. Obama gets four years, not four years at the sufferance of the Legislature. We're stuck with him until January 20, 2013, like it or not--unless the American people, risen Christ forbid, reelect him.

So if the GOP is going to try such a thing, they bloody well had better have a good reason to do so, or we'll destroy ourselves a second time.


A letter from another political operative friend of mine points out that removing Obama would only make Joe Biden President instead, kinda like giving the Presidency to Spiro Agnew.

This is a good point; however, Biden is not nearly as intellectually challenged as he sounds (if he were, he'd be riding the short bus), and would no doubt read the writing on the wall and act accordingly if, er, promoted.

ADDENDUM II 23 October 2010

Apparently both the Republican Party and the House Republicans were so frightened by the implications of the above post that they decided to come out and publicly deny that there will be an impeachment process initiated if the Pubbies win the day in early November.

Well, I'm pleased to see I have so much influence. :0)

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