Saturday, October 30, 2010

Why Time Is Coming To An End

When I was young, I read both TIME and NEWSWEEK religiously. No longer.

But it's clear they're dying. One reason is due to their hard tilt left.

The other reason is visible below.

From the latest issue, on dead trees.

The front:

The back:

It musta galled them to run that ad, just GALLED them.....

(NB: just last week, their #1 competition, NEWSWEEK, was sold to an audio tycoon.... for $1.)


  1. Hi, Ben here from Facebook,

    Speaking as a student of computer science, these articles make me very sad because I grew up reading books/magazines and I believe there is just so much missing from devices like the Kindle. The fun of collecting, admiring, the artistic touches that cannot be accurately conveyed digitially, even going as far as that new book smell that all added to the experience of reading a new novel is just being taken out piece by piece. It will be a lonelier generation of readers that do not get to enjoy books like they were meant to be.

  2. Oh,I agree, I agree! But my house is half creche, half library, and we're drowning in dead trees here. My wife owns a Kindle-wannabee and swears by it; I prefer the real thing.

    A taste of what we could lose is an already lost art, the album cover: I'm actually preparing an article on that subject right this instant. A world without "Hipgnosis" is a poorer world, IMHO.


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