Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Tsunami May Not Describe It"

The Wall Street Journal reports that the latest Gallup polls show the GOP lead in the coming election among "likely voters" is....

with a high voter turnout, 53-40, meaning almost certain GOP takeover of the House.

with a low voter turnout, 56-38, meaning.... well, meaning that the sky's the limit. A hundred seats' gain? Full control of the Senate? Possibly.

It is clear that the Obama Presidency and the Democrat control of the House and Senate these last four years have combined to make an unprecedented political trainwreck. Our enemies rejoice in our ongoing confusion and inability to press our interests. Our allies tremble every time the President stands in front of a teleprompter, not knowing what we'll do next to stab ourselves in the back. And the economy could not suck more if it were a mutant gypsy industrial vacuum cleaner.

We don't have a working republican (small-r) government, we have a drunken-sailor-tocracy, for lack of a better word: what's the opposite of a kleptocracy? They're giving away zillions of dollars, mostly to their Dem allies and the banks (who are sitting on it) and to two of our major auto companies.

The car companies and unions at least are employing people but are not changing the bad habits that got them in bankrupcy in the first place, still paying workers at a $50 an hour rate (with bennies) while our overseas competition pays less than half of that amount. Bumper stickers around here commonly say: "Out of a job yet? Keep buying foreign!" when they SHOULD say, "Out of a job yet? Look at your hourly." The rest of us drop our wages when the income drops. It's simple math. Price yourself out of the market and you lose your customers.

But the auto industry, while the heart of our woes locally, are not the problem. The problem is that our government is manifestedly being run by people who know not what they do.

To President Obama I can only say: wake up and smell the coffee. The country that you are President of is the United States of God-Bless-America and not some demographically dying EU polyglot satrapy. Be a President of the United States and not a viceroy, while you still can.

And to the Dem majorities in the House and Senate: "You have been here too long for any good that you have been doing. Begone, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!"

"I can see November from my house," indeed.

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