Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"If Tea Partiers are such deluded fools....."

"Why are they doing so well?"

An excellent question asked in the [London] Telegraph today.

Predictably, [leftie newsoids] have hit on the argument that Tea Partiers are a bunch of thickos, dupes being manipulated by powerful Right-wing corporations.

There is a classic of the genre in today’s Guardian. George Monbiot describes the Tea Party as “one of the biggest exercises in false consciousness the world has seen”, and goes on to explain that the poor, deluded saps who turn up to its meetings are puppets on the strings of two wealthy industrialists, Charles and David Koch.

In short, they've gotta blame it on rich manipulation because they can't abandon their moonbattery and see things as they are... because if they did they wouldn't be leftist any more.

Well, there is only one thing to do.

Kick their butts in the voting booth and take over. It's about time.


(*No, that's not a reference to Krystallnacht. It's a slogan reminding everyone who loves this country that they should be willing to crawl through broken glass to get to the voting booth next week.) (And yes, Democrats too. A lot of people died to give you that privilege.)


A friend of mine, who is otherwise quite sensible, sends me the following:
Because they don't want a black president. Just like when Obama won, a lot of blacks came out to vote for a black man. I'm sorry, but the majority of this country, right, left, middle, have no clue what the issues are and they vote their passions.... Most of the people who post on your page, including myself, do know what the issues are, we just disagree on how they should be handled. The general public on the other hand is fairly ignorant. The ignorant are easy to influence as proven by the Obama campaign in '08 and the Tea Party movement.

To which I can only say, No, it's because we don't want a RED President. Which is what we have.

The general public on the other hand is fairly ignorant.>> Well, they voted FOR Obama last time. They weren't ignorant then, right? Then how are they ignorant now? Although I would say that they were ignorant: ignorant of his race hate for white people, ignorant of his hatred for America, ignorant of his love affair with the terrorist Ayers and the hate-spewer Wright, ignorant of his driven desire to turn the US Dollar into toilet paper.

Now we're educated ... and we'll vote appropriately.

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