Monday, October 4, 2010

Christine O'Donnell: "I'm Not A Witch, I'm Not A Witch!"

Well, I'll give her an A for effort for her new campaign ad:

...however, any time that a candidate has to put out an ad denying that they practice witchcraft, or denying that they're part of a San Joaquin Valley smut ring, or whatever, is a candidate that's going to be roadkill in the coming election. Even if they DID dress her like that, and even IF it's not her real nose, but a false one.

Unless, of course, the candidate is a Democrat. (I seem to recall at least one United States Senator who managed to get elected, somehow, after he was photographed in bunny ears and diapers and after calling for the violent overthrow of the United States Government.)

Sorry, Christine. You're pretty, you're smart, and you're engaging.

And you're toast.


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