Monday, October 25, 2010

"An Act of Civic Hygiene"

George Will (late of MSU's James Madison College, I note proudly) takes the loathesome Florida Congresscritter Alan Grayson to the woodshed and provides him with forty whacks, and not necessarily with the axe handle--referring to Grayson's imminent political destruction as a well deserved "act of civic hygiene."

Ouch. That's gonna leave a mark.

Will does well to deprecate this stupid and fat old white guy (to use Grayson's kind of language).
Grayson’s rhetorical style is schoolyard crude. He has said, “If you get sick, America, the Republican health-care plan is this: Die quickly.” He has compared Republicans to “knuckle-dragging Neanderthals” and Nazis burning the Reichstag. He has said, “I have trouble listening to what [Dick Cheney] says sometimes because of the blood that drips from his teeth while he’s talking.” He has referred to a high-ranking woman official at the Federal Reserve as a “K Street whore.”

Alan Grayson is, to put it simply, vile. Anathema sit and ymech sh'ema.

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