Sunday, September 19, 2010

'....self evident: That all men are Endowed ..... errrr....'

22:30. The President of the United States omits the most important reference to God Almighty in any of our goverment founding documents.

"That all men are endowed BY THEIR CREATOR with certain unalienable rights...."

If they are not endowed by an Endower, they are not endowed at all, Mr. President.

This may be a mere glitch. But I don't think so: I think this the most frightening 30 seconds of the Obama presidency. A man with the power and authority to burn cities at his command, who does not in any way acknowledge that there is a God under whom he serves, is capable of anything.

The past century is littered with regimes who forgot this at their citizens' peril.


Rooters, via Drudge, reports that President Obama has started his preelection tour to electrify his most hard core supporters and make sure they get out and vote in this mid term election.

I'll only say: Great idea, Mr. President. Won't do you much good, though. Insofar as they're already concentrated in Democratic safe districts, carefully gerrymandered by their fellow Democrats, it is unlikely they're make any difference in the competitive swing districts where the Democrats are going to take the most damage in November....

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