Saturday, September 25, 2010

Latest Tiresome Leftie 'Poster'

The following poster is making the rounds on Facebook:

I for one would like people to refrain from flying airplanes into buildings which happen to be occupied by large numbers of people. Refraining from flying on aircraft after filling their codpieces with plastique, from rioting after someone burns a book that they like, from killing young teenaged girls who want to date, and blowing up school buses and pizza parlors would help, too. Oh, and don't shoot soldiers in personnel offices doing paperwork, either. And don't put a fuze in your Nikes. Also, please don't send anthrax through the post office. Don't blow up car bombs. Don't set fire to Pugeots unless they belong to you, personally. Don't shoot Israeli olympic athletes. Or set major bombs in girl's schools. Or practice FGM. Or machine gun tourists visiting the tomb of Hatshepshut. Or take over cruise ships and shove old, paralyzed guys in wheelchairs into the drink. Or kidnap diplomats and parade them on national TV. Don't put the burned corpses of dead American military on national TV. Don't shoot ambassadors. Or... well... you get the idea.

To pretend that the terrorists are omniscient and allpowerful is stupid. Pretending that they do not present a threat is just as stupid.

PS It's even stupider to assume those who disagree with you politically MUST be racist by definition....

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